Writer's Five!

Posted on May 10, 2007

First of all, the fangs_fur_fey contest has announced its winner, and lucky #102 gets to send her pages to Rachel Vater. I think the pages are terrific and I’m very eager to read the whole book — which, hopefully, we’ll be able to do by picking copies up in the bookstore someday. (Someday soon, I hope. I am concerned for Obie.)

I am a member of the community writers_5, but have rarely been able to answer the questions, as I felt like the honest answers would too spoilery for Evernight. Today, though, I think I can safely answer these:

1 – Who is your character’s confidante?

Bianca has a number of friends, each of whom she can confide in about something, and becomes very close to Jared during the book, but there’s really no one single person who always acts as her confidante. She keeps most of her worries bottled up inside.

2 – What color would you paint your nemesis’ bedroom?

I don’t really have a nemesis, only an antagonist. Mrs. Bethany’s room was described in some detail, but I don’t think I ever covered the color of the walls. She’d favor something dark and ornate, probably a William Morris wallpaper in some rich, scrolling pattern. It might involve brown, dark green, purple or all three.

3 – Who is your character’s favorite artist?

Right now, it’s Klimt.

4 – Is she a disappointment to anyone, or is someone proud of her for her accomplishments? Why?

Her parents are almost embarrassingly proud of her. Mrs. Bethany finds her a disappointment, but to be fair, Mrs. Bethany considers most people to be disappointments.

5 – What sort of place spooks her? Why?

Evernight Academy has her spooked but good. It’s not the kind of place it is that has her frightened, though; it’s more the forbidding atmosphere.

I continue to inch forward in plotting the thriller I plan to write after Stargazer. (Or, at least, to begin after Stargazer — the publishing schedule of the series isn’t going to leave me a whole lot of time to work on anything else.) I really enjoy having different projects at different levels of activity: the book I’m writing, the books I’m preparing heavy outlines for, the books I’m preparing light outlines for, and the ideas that are sort of sitting on my hard drive, waiting to germinate. No matter what mood I’m in, or what level of concentration I can bring to bear, I feel like I have something to work on.

All of this, of course, means I shouldn’t be spending tonight watching “Ugly Betty,” but LET NO MAN ATTEMPT TO DRAG ME AWAY. Poor Daniel!

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  1. counteragent

    Hook 102’s pages were good. I like hell as an oddly sterile place full of detached demons who sit around watching the toob.