We are live!

Posted on February 11, 2008

I’m excited to announce that my official website is up and running! (And none too soon, either — the ARCs have just gone out, so I went right up to the wire on this one.) Please take a look and let me know what you think. We’ll be adding wallpapers, banners and icons for people to grab in the next few weeks, and I hope to have some fun polls up even sooner than that.

This weekend was just fabulous. Not only did I get to finalize so much of the website, but I also got to meet the delightful rj_anderson, whose first novel, Knife, is coming out from HarperCollins in 2009. Then, Saturday and Sunday, I spent working on Hourglass, the third novel in the Evernight series. I’m in the middle of a very enjoyable section, where the writing feels much more like play than work — which is a good thing, given that I did more than 8 hours a day both Saturday and Sunday. And the next few chapters promise to be even more fun. Darned day job — I wish I could stay with my manuscript right now. Alas, the bills must be paid.

A few of you have asked for review copies, but I haven’t been able to give any answers yet. I’m still waiting for final word on how many ARCs will be available. HarperCollins should let me know sometime this week, so I hope to be able to distribute to all of you then — and, hopefully, we can have a contest for an ARC here. So stay tuned!

34 Responses to “We are live!”

  1. quiet_rebel

    It looks great!

    I love the headshot 😉 and the links section is a cute idea!

    I know exactly what you mean about day jobs…ugh…

  2. rheanna27

    That layout is soooo pretty. The whole thing looks just great.

    At work now, but will peruse further when I get home…

  3. rj_anderson

    It was fabulous meeting you on Friday, and even though your author pic is nice, it does not do full justice to your loveliness, so there.

    Anyway, the site looks smashing. Yay Tara! Yay you!