Posted on May 26, 2009

The new HarperTeen anthology VACATIONS FROM HELL should be arriving in bookstores today! Those of you who have read the other books in the FROM HELL series know that each one offers a series of supernatural short stories on a various theme — in this case, summer vacations gone very, very wrong.

I will be particularly interested to hear what you guys think of my story, “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend,” for one major reason: This is where the idea for the new series, SPELLCASTER, began.

There are huge differences between the two: The short story is more of a comedy, and the heroine, Cecily, is both younger and more lighthearted than Ivy, the main character of the SPELLCASTER series. But a few things from the story do survive in the upcoming books — like the idea of witchcraft as a secret female society. And a heroine who looks at her powers as a tool for good, more of a science than pure mysticism, and hates the secretiveness that comes with it. Who also dreams of finding a guy with whom she can share her whole life, and from whom she would never have to hide her power. And, of course, the bratty little brother. (You can’t leave out the little brother!)

So check out VACATIONS FROM HELL the next chance you get!

And don’t forget, this Thursday:

May 28 — The NYC Teen Author Carnival! Held at the Jefferson Market Branch Library at 425 Avenue of the Americas [at 10th St.] in New York City from 4-6 p.m. Hope to meet some of you guys there!

10 Responses to “VACATIONS FROM HELL debuts today!”

  1. dravenscrow

    I have not picked up VACATIONS FROM HELL yet, but I can already tell you what I’ll think of “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend.” You wrote it? I’ll LOVE it!!!

    I can’t wait to pick it up this weekend!

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve read the book already.Your story was great.

  3. covenlovin

    Oooh!! I’m gonna need to pick that up. I bought Prom Nights from Hell because of Stephenie’s story, but all the rest were fantastic too. I loved that it was just a really quick read. Those are nice in between the thick novels I tend to read…haha.
    Oh, also…this is Sarah, the contest winner. I’ve sent you a couple emails about that and I was just checking to see if they got through. I mean I know you’re busy and probably just can’t respond right away, so if that’s all it is then just disregard this, but I have been having troubles with my Yahoo account, so just wanted to make sure they got through…
    Thanks!! I’ll be getting Vacations from Hell soon, I hope!!

  4. ninan_monster

    Not sure if you accept comments from randoms – if not please delete

    just a quick note, re the witchcraft secret society…

    i recently read a book called Revealers by Amanda Marrone. not a huge book, however she creates a world where female witches are in a secret society that dominates the men in their lives. it really intrigued me into the idea of secret femme witchelles.

    and now i’m dying for the Spellcaster series!!!

  5. readerchick12

    It was AWESOME

    I picked Vacations from Hell a few days ago and read ur story. LOVED IT.
    When will we hear more from Spellcaster? I can’t wait!