Twitter, Hungary and Contest #3

Posted on February 25, 2009

First of all, any of you out there on Twitter — you can now find me as claudiagray. I will be synching this up with my website soon, but for the next week or so you might want to friend me direct.

Second, we’ve sold yet more foreign rights for EVERNIGHT, this time to Hungary. I’ve always wanted an excuse to go to Budapest — hmmm. Talking about the sale with friends, I wondered whether Romanian rights would ever sell. Do Romanians want to read about vampires? Or has the country that defeated the idea of a Dracula theme park just had enough of vampires for all time? Only time will tell. (Or Romanians could tell, if any happen to be reading.)

Finally, a couple things I forgot to mention about STARGAZER Contest #3 (this time for the jewelry!) — first, I’ll pick the winner next Tuesday, March 3, and second, while the address to send your entries is the same as the “Contact Claudia” section of my website, it would be better to just e-mail me straight. That way you can have the subject line “STARGAZER Contest #3,” I can find you more easily and you have a better chance of winning the most stunning bracelet in all the land. Good luck!

16 Responses to “Twitter, Hungary and Contest #3”

  1. raptor47

    I’d take any excuse to travel to Budapest. It’s a fantastic city.

    Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl

    Sad, but true. I could sing right along with Barry on that one.

  2. hallways

    oh, yeah. TweetDeck is the coolest program i’ve ever found for following and posting on twitter. highly recommend it. 😀

  3. Anonymous




    Your favorite reader!!!!!!
    Hannah!!!!!!!!! 🙂