Today in Rome: Dem Bones

Posted on June 8, 2010

I went out and about, but decided that my touristy activities were going to be highly concentrated on museums and churches … i.e., cool places, because the blazing summer heat has arrived here in Rome. No photos today, because the single coolest/creepiest place I went doesn’t allow photography: the Capuchin cemetery, where the monks used the bones of lots and lots and LOTS of people to create, um, decoration. As in ribs and vertebrae embedded in the walls to create deceptively delicate floral patterns. Or skulls stacked on top of skulls to create high arches. Or a child’s skull with scapula on either side to look like cherubim wings. Some complete skeletons have been dressed up in monk’s robes. I hope they really were monks. One thing to be displayed after death as what you were; another to have someone come along after you’re deceased and gad your corpse up in the equivalent of a Halloween costume.

The writing is going really well here. Maybe I write better when I eat lots of pasta. Oh, I hope this is true.

2 Responses to “Today in Rome: Dem Bones”

  1. Ailin Bustamante

    sorry i not speak english…. XD
    queria saber si podrias venir a la Argentina alguna vez porque seria como un sueño hecho realidad que vinieras porque eres una de mis idolas y gracias a ti conoci nuevas puertas de las que no fui capaz de abandonar porque amo la escritura y todo ese universo y que vengas aunque sea no a la Argentina pero cerca seria lo mejor que me podria pasar..!!!
    y espero que traigas pasta porque a mi me encanta (jajaj)
    y bueno… nada mas
    me despido..!!!
    espero que termines de pasarla bien en tu gira..!!!
    P/D: que pronto salga el 3º libro de tu saga en la Argentina!! que me desespero…!!!
    (p/D (de nuevo): sufri con la muerte de Lucas,,, vas a tener que pagarme la psicologa (jajaja)

    Gracias por leerlo
    (futura guionista y escritora y tal vez directora de cine XD)

  2. Angelina

    IM sorry about your cold, but sounds like Rome is amazing!!! I have the book Hourglass, but im waiting for the right time to read it, only so i can remember the exact day. Yes it sounds cheezy but… Im very excited though to read it, and i am hoping Bianca will get together with Balthazar just so i can know how they would turn out in a relationship. I am a huge fan, and this is the very fist book series i actually wanted to read the next book, and inspired me to read other book series. I pray that this book will someday become a movie saga, because it would be amazing! And i know it would be a major hit, and your book series would become HUGE!!!

    Thank You! And hope you feel better and have an amazing time in Rome!

    p.s (really think about making the book series a movie saga! =])