today, in hiking news

Posted on July 27, 2008

Early Morning.

GUIDE: Okay, so, we see a few clouds up there, but usually they blow over without any trouble. Lots of water on the trail, so it rained last night, and let’s hope that’s all we get.

ME: ::is glad she brought rain poncho::

40 Minutes Later. Rain begins to fall.

GUIDE: Let’s hope this blows over quickly!

ME: Is that hail?

OTHER HIKERS: Yeah, that’s hail.

ME: ::puts on rain poncho::

Lightning strikes.

GUIDE: Oh, sounds like that wasn’t too far off! A couple of miles, maybe?

OTHER HIKER: I think it was at the other end of this field. The one we’re standing in.

ME: Uh, yeah.

Two Hours Later:

GUIDE: I haven’t seen flooding like this in 28 years!

ME: ::hangs onto tree branch for balance while wading through thigh-deep rapids that used to be a trail::

OTHER HIKER: This is the most fun I’ve had on a hike EVER!

ME: Me too!


Back home, safe, sound and finally dry. Incredibly exhausted. Pretty happy.

22 Responses to “today, in hiking news”

  1. cristy7_pr

    Oh wow, is it so bad of me that I laughed when I read this? lol I’m still laughing. Sorry but I can’t help it.

    But I am glad you are home, safe and dry!

  2. counteragent

    Oh holy COW! You guys coulda totally been washed away by a flash flood! *worries like an old lady*

    So glad you’re safe, you brave one, you!

  3. tigergirl_104

    That sounds like fun! I love hiking. I’m going zip lining soon…I hope that doesn’t happen on the day I go though. 😛

  4. delordra

    So that’s why my flight got cancelled!

    *is still in Ohio, missing work. But not missing it, if you know what I mean.*