The Hunger Games Livetweet — so far!

Posted on June 23, 2013

So, the Hunger Games rewatch ran afoul of the mysterious High Gods of Twitter; apparently in my zeal to both tweet my way through the movie AND reply to all those of you who were sending me such hysterical comments, I broke the invisible boundary between “enthusiastic Twitter user” and “Internet criminal.” Therefore we had to take a break, which means the second half of the rewatch will be this Thursday at 8 CST. We get to watch Hunger Games two nights instead of one, so maybe that’s actually a plus? Anyway, I thought some of you who missed the first half might be interested to see how far we got — 

The gears of the Lionsgate studio log are spinning! #hgrewatch is underway!

The score for the “treaty of the treason” is a banjo. Interesting choice. #hgrewatch

I cannot even deal with how awesome Stanley Tucci is as Flickerman. That blue pompadour = genius. #hgrewatch

Prim is having nightmares! Girl, you do not even have any problems right now. Just wait. #hgrewatch

Forlorn children play with mud. Katniss dons a suspiciously fancy leather blazer & goes out to hunt. Does District 12 have a GAP? #hgrewatch

Katniss sees a doe! Now we know what happened to Bambi’s mom. #hgrewatch

Enter Liam Hemsworth, fresh from the arms of Miley, into our drama. #hgrewatch

Note to Gale: Calling a girl “Catnip” is not your courtship A-game, and you have less time than you think. #hgrewatch

YAY EFFIE! IMO, Effie Trinket is the character in the film most like the version in the book. Agree or disagree? #hgrewatch

Is this older lady with the scarf meant to be Greasy Sae? I wished Greasy Sae was in the movie. Is that a sign of TERMINAL FANDOM?#hgrewatch

“Tuck in that tail, little duck!” ::helpless sobbing::

#hgrewatch – the film does a great job of very neatly & swiftly establishing the passivity of Katniss’ mom, w/out demonizing her.

Time for the reaping. Apparently a memo went out saying “wear blue, white or brown, NO EXCEPTIONS. We have a THEME.” #hgrewatch

Isn’t it kind of odd that there are only about 400 kids ages 12-18 in 1/12th of a whole country? #hgrewatch

The first word we hear Donald Sutherland say as Snow is “War.” #hgrewatch

It is deeply creepy how much the victor part of the Capitol’s propaganda movie looks like NBC Olympic promos. #hgrewatch

“Primrose Everdeen!” And she tucks in her shirttail. That DEVASTATES me. #hgrewatch

“I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!” That might be the single best moment in this whole movie. Or any movie. #hgrewatch

“Well, I bet my hat that was your sister, wasn’t it?” Points to Elizabeth Banks for saying that so sassy. #hgrewatch

“Peeta Mellark!” Peeta also has siblings, who respond to his selection with deathly silence.Thanksgiving will be awkward. #hgrewatch

Bread scene flashback! IMO, this was my only big disappointment – thought the bread scene should’ve been BIG. Agree/disagree? #hgrewatch

“Don’t cry,” Katniss says sternly, hugging her mom for the last time. I think their Thanksgivings were already awkward. #hgrewatch

Big hug with Gale! I wasn’t at all Team Gale in the books, but, uh, I kinda am here. I plead guilty to SHIPPER INCONSISTENCY. #hgrewatch

Effie is sure Peeta and Katniss will be THRILLED about platinum doorknobs. Would anyone care even if they weren’t gonna die?#hgrewatch

Magic train with a pastry cart! Among the MANY differences between me and Katniss: I would be scarfing cupcakes from pure stress. #hgrewatch

Oh, I take back the Team Gale stuff. I love Peeta here too. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting a bit of help.” #hgrewatch

Haymitch enters our drama drunk. Not a surprise. #hgrewatch

And now Haymitch nearly kills Peeta with his bare foot! This is where you see how he became a victor, & a killer. #hgrewatch

Katniss watches Flickerman & – Toby Jones, forgot his character name – discuss Hunger Games aesthetics. Chilling. #hgrewatch

Haymitch wants jam and booze. Katniss grabs her knife! Wait for it — THAT IS MAHOGANY! #hgrewatch

Haymitch explains that likability is the name of the game. Katniss suspects this is not her strong suit. #hgrewatch

The Capitol! It’s all shiny. Peeta starts playing to the ground, as his survival instinct is functioning better than Katniss’. #hgrewatch

LOVE the Capitol fashions, but thought stye missed out on a chance to cast Hollywood plastic surgery addicts as extras. #hgrewatch

Here comes the tweezing and waxing, and for once it plays like the torture scenario it would be without consent. #hgrewatch

Cinna! I love you SO MUCH, Cinna. Ready to have your mind blown? He is the DAD of the actress playing Christina in Divergent. #hgrewatch

Oh, God, we see Rue for the first time with a crown of barbed wire thorns. ::sobbing:: #hgrewatch

The Tributes’ costumes! Cinna is the only one who thought about this AT ALL Mark my words – #hgrewatch

— Foxface came up with her hide-and-run strategy when she saw her crowd-grabbing outfit was a CONE OF SHAME. #hgrewatch

Seriously, she is in a glittery CONE OF SHAME, like a dog with stitches. #hgrewatch

David Bowie’s dog, anyway. #hgrewatch

Katniss and Peeta are ON FIRE! This effect looked a thousand times better than I had dared hope. #hgrewatch

So, 100K people came to the stadium to watch people roll by in chariots, & then a five minute speech by President Snow. LETDOWN. #hgrewatch

At least have Beyonce do a number. Liven it up a bit. #hgrewatch

Donald Sutherland is one of the most underrated actors ever. Never even NOMINATED for an Oscar. WTF, Academy. #hgrewatch

Effie shows them into the Marriott Uptown, with viewscreen capabilities. Peeta & Katniss know this isn’t getting less awkward. #hgrewatch

I’ve said it before, but seeing her now makes me say it again: the others are victims; Clove was a budding psychopath. #hgrewatch

Here we see Foxface knowing ALL the plants. Let us remember this later. #hgrewatch

Just noticed that Katniss & Peeta are drinking wine at dinner along with Haymitch & Effie. Guess nobody asks tributes for ID. #hgrewatch

“I have no chance of winning! None! All right?” Even Peeta’s MOM thinks he’s dead meat. Poor baby. #hgrewatch

Cato takes way too much pleasure in dismembering a mannequin. Clove throws knives like Sydney Bristow. #hgrewatch

Katniss suggest that Peeta throw his weight around literally. Cato looks impressed, like, “OK, I’d date him.” #hgrewatch

But Peeta’s main survival skill remains cake decorating. Oh honey. I have to admit I see where your mom is coming from. #hgrewatch

Katniss shoots for evaluators who are most interested in the appetizers. Yeah, it’s time to aim for the BBQ pig. #hgrewatch

“Thank you for your consideration.” OH BURN #hgrewatch

“Loosen your corset,” Haymitch says to Effie. Did anyone else think, in the movie, those two used to have a thing? #hgrewatch

Peeta got an 8! Yay Peeta! Enjoy your split second of not feeling like dirt, Peeta, bc Katniss got an ELEVEN. #hgrewatch

Snow wants Katniss dead before the games begin. I disagree with the timing of this scene – too early for her to seem a threat. #hgrewatch

Oh, yay, Caesar Flickerman’s show! Tucci’s feral smile as Flickerman should have gotten him an Oscar nod. I’m serious. #hgrewatch

Glimmer can not have felt good about that bizarre dress of hers. I just sense that. #hgrewatch

I’d liked to have seen Thresh’s interview. Not enough Thresh in this movie. I heart him. #hgrewatch

Love the way they modify the sound as Katniss comes out – being on stage is that scary, at least to me. #hgrewatch

And in his own creepy way, Flickerman is trying to help her on stage. God, he’s so good. #hgrewatch

Katniss is like, I have ONE trick, it’s being on fire, so I’m gonna do it again. Twirl, baby, twirl. #hgrewatch

“Nice dress,” Haymitch says, then to Effie, “Not yours” They are SO SLEEPING TOGETHER. #hgrewatch

Peeta plays to the crowd by smelling Stanley Tucci. Somehow it works. But he’s saving his Big Move — #hgrewatch

Flickerman gives Peeta the setup of all time. Peeta: “Because she came here with me.” Ugh, I am so dead with love for him now. #hgrewatch

Katniss responds to Peeta’s avowal of love by tackling him against the wall. eHarmony says that’s a “dating move to avoid.” #hgrewatch

Peeta gives his best speech: “I just don’t want to be another piece in their game…If I’m gonna die, I want to still be me.” #hgrewatch

Time to get ready for the Cornucopia. For the record: That is where I would die, if I were a tribute. I’d fall off & blow up.#hgrewatch

They’d have to fire the cannon and show my picture in the sky before the thing even started. #hgrewatch

That tracker injection looks like it HURTS. People should at least flinch. #hgrewatch

Cinna has big hugs for Katniss before she goes in. Peeta was given a blanket he could hold if he wanted. #boywasonfiretoo #hgrewatch

Jennifer Lawrence really nails how terrified Katniss is here. She’s so freakin’ great. #hgrewatch

The cornucopia contains a bow and bombs and backpacks and a box of cupcakes and a iPad and Ugg boots and … #hgrewatch

The slaughter begins. Oh, no, the little curly haired boy. He rips my heart out. #hgrewatch

Foxface and Katniss collide. Fosface actually smiles at her a little, in the moment they don’t attack. MORE SOBBING. #hgrewatch

Imagine being that curly haired boy’s mom. I’m going to be upset about this a while. #hgrewatch

Katniss checks out her backpack stash while the cannon counts off the dead. I love that we see her keeping tally. #hgrewatch

Some dumbass already built a fire. Their mentor must have been even drunker than Haymitch. #hgrewatch

Meanwhile, back at came center, everyone is dressed in hospital scrubs. What is that job application like? #hgrewatch

“Do you like killing kids? Are you a people person? Contact the Gamesmaster for exciting opportunities. Excel preferred.”

Firestarter doesn’t make it the first night. #hgrewatch

Man, Peeta must be the greatest actor ever to have fallen in with the Careers so fast. #hgrewatch

Katniss has dared to sleep too close to the edge. Here’s where the Girl On Fire thing becomes literal. #hgrewatch

They’ve even stocked this forest with a FIREBALL CANNON. That kind of seems like overkill to me. Though I guess this is sweeps. #hgrewatch

Katniss runs from the fire straight to the Careers. Wouldn’t the Careers, you know, *also run from fire*? #hgrewatch

Did the Cornucopia contain flame retardant suits? #hgrewatch

Katniss gets treed. I think the trash talk is unbecoming, Glitter. Meanwhile, psycho Clove is just yelling KILL HER! #hgrewatch

They wait for Katniss to come down from the tree. I will admit this: If I were her, I would pee on them from above. #hgrewatch

There are really so many reasons I should not be a Tribute. #hgrewatch

Another great Jennifer Lawrence scene – her pain from the burn is palpable. But Haymitch starts shmoozing to save her. #hgreatch

Yay, her first sponsor — mini-blimp, I guess? It really should have a corporate logo on it. Like the Nike swoosh. #hgrewatch

Meanwhile, Clove kills a lizard who is not even involved in this whole mess. #hgrewatch

Glimmer is all curled up with Cato. I am not at all sure where those two thought their relationship was going to go. #hgrewatch

Were they in love before? Or did they decide to have lots of sex before the end? #hgrewatch

Rue! Not only is she here, but she is ready to deploy deadly trackerjackers. Rue is much more badass than predicted. #hgrewatch

Truth: I’ve wished to write fanfic in which Rue survives, and at the end, Katniss & Peeta die together so Rue can go home. #hgrewatch




And that’s as far as we got! If you have an appetite for even more Hunger Games rewatching, we’ll be picking up right there (as the nest of trackerjackers falls) this Thursday at 8 CST, and I will do my best not to get in Twitter Jail this time.

(If this is WAY more Hunger Games than you can take, feel free to unfollow me on Twitter that evening, but please come back, b/c I’d miss you.)

Finally, to address a question I was surprised to be asked a few times during the rewatch; I would’ve thought it was obvious, but HELL YEAH I’m an HG fan.

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  1. Jimena Cuello

    YAY Claudia all those tweets are incredibly awsome! I can no wait for the second part! Wait you and your tweets!
    P.D: thank’s for the books! It was the best give ever after!

    • claudia

      Glad you like, and hope you’ll join in for Part Two!