the great trek begins

Posted on November 25, 2008

Packed clothes: check
Packed incredibly bulky hiking gear: check
Packed books: check
Packed iPod: check
Packed recharger for iPod … Uhoh.
Arranged only flights that were not insanely expensive, even though they were at crazy times: check
Arranged to stay at airport hotels night before and night after, because still cheaper than other flights or cabs: check
Hauled heavy bags on subway to go to work in pouring rain: check
Found out that hike is off and bulky hiking gear is in suitcase to no purpose: check
Hoping against hope that flights will go smoothly tomorrow: check

Everybody send good vibes for the voyage, okay? And have a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. Anonymous


    I picked up Evernight about a month ago and read it in two days! I reallllllyyyy enjoyed it a lot. I keep recommending it to everyone!!!!

    🙂 Can’t wait for the second book of the series! 🙂