the blog awakens from the dead!

Posted on December 20, 2009

In very vampiric fashion!

At first I wasn’t posting much because (a) we were low on news, and (b) I’ve moved my more frequent updates to Facebook and Twitter (where you should follow me, if you aren’t already!) — but that only explains about two of the last five months. The rest of it got swallowed up in:

* my big move from NYC to Chicago, and from having a day job to writing full-time (hurray!),
* plans to move this from LJ to WordPress, which are still in the works, and
* the writing frenzy I went into to complete the first draft of AFTERLIFE (hurray!).

And then I was thinking, well, if I’m coming back to the blog, I need a BIG IMPRESSIVE POST, full of vacation pictures and the like, but then nothing ever seemed impressive enough, and nothing ever would be unless an exboyfriend showed up and needed my help to find the Ark of The Covenant or similar. (To date, no such luck.)

So finally I am breaking my silence to announce that my first act, upon receiving the long-desired Wii system from my brother, was to build Miis in the form of all the EVERNIGHT characters. At press time, Raquel had just wiped up the bowling alley with Lucas and Vic.

More news fairly soon, but probably after Christmas, so happy holidays — all the holidays — to everyone who celebrates. 😀


23 Responses to “the blog awakens from the dead!”

  1. clover_heaven

    lol at the dangerous wands XD
    and wish you a merry-merry christmas too !!

    ps. I’m so happy to celebrate the new year knowing that Afterlife is going on ~
    YAY !! and I need a twitter or a facebook account … I don’t like these stalker pages, but it’s ok now.

  2. anoel

    Just wanted to say I’m super excited about getting Evernight for one of my friends for Christmas 🙂

  3. Anonymous


    Dear Mrs. Gray, Is the Series Evernight going to become a movie? I have a feeling if it was to become one, it would be a major hit, and your books would be selling off the charts!

    Here are some good videos of characters people dream of being in a movie if it became one.
    its all together a great video, but i love Lucas in it, not to amazed with Bionca

    Another good video,which has great carachters of Mrs. Bethany, (some people say Courtney) Erich, Raquel and some what Bionca and Celia

    I Would hope anything that you will respond to this! Thanks, have a great Holidays.

      • admin

        Re: Movie (same person who made the first one)

        No movie plans at this time, but let’s keep our fingers crossed. I will check the videos out soon — thanks for the links!