“Teen girls rule the earth.”

Posted on November 23, 2008

The single greatest element of Twilight‘s box office success this weekend:

“Teen girls rule the earth,” said Paul Dergarabedian, president of Media By Numbers. “If you look back at the `Hannah Montana’ movie, how well that did, and now this movie, the teen girl audience will never be ignored again or underestimated. It was always teen boys who were the coveted ones, but someone finally caught on to the idea that girls love movies, too, and if you create something that they’re into, that they’re passionate about, they will come out in big numbers and drive the box office.”

This was the biggest opening weekend ever for a female director, for an adaptation of a book written by a woman, for young women, with a young woman as the main character. Here’s hoping the teen girl audience — and the whole female audience — really will never be ignored again.

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12 Responses to ““Teen girls rule the earth.””

  1. Anonymous

    This is a good thing, thrilled for Catherine Hardwicke and co. Teen girls are a tough audience though, they will be supportive but are very critical and happy to voice that criticism anywhere and everywhere.

    Your book is far superior to Twilight btw. Posting anonymously to avoid flaming from crazy Twilight fangirls.

  2. taraljc

    This is so totally MADE OF AWESOME. I was really hoping that it would send a message to the suits in Hollywood, and I really hope it opens a lot of doors for other women in the industry.

  3. duckyduncan66

    We saw Twilight at midnight…with 1500 people!

    What a great memory… 1500 people waiting in line for the midnight premiere of Twilight. I am a middle school teacher, and many of my kids [both current students and high school students] came to pay homage to Edward Cullen. My favorite part of the evening: the screams and cheers throughout the movie as anticipated moments flashed before our eyes. Now we know what Edward really looks like in the sunlight! We are all looking forward to being dazzled again with New Moon. 😉

    The best t-shirt I saw: Boys in Books are just Better.


  4. erynnpronter

    Whoa the Twilight Traffic! lol I almost got run over by teen girls! lol (I’m 26…(I want to cringe but I know it’s not old)and I am as giddy as a school girl over ANOTHER fictional Character lol)

    I love the fact that it’s by a women for woman!

    Love the Current music btw!