Posted on February 5, 2009

OK, starting next week, I’ll be revving up six weeks of contests to prepare for the launch of STARGAZER. (Yes, it’s really that close!) So I want to hear from you guys: What kinds of contests would you want to participate in? What kind of prizes do you want to win? (Requests for diamonds and the like will be giggled at, before I then look again at my accounts and have to go lie down for a while.) I’d love to hear from you.

Also, as I gear up to do more blogging generally this year, tell me: What would you guys like to hear more about?

It’s quiet right now for me. I am hard at work on AFTERLIFE (the fourth book in the EVERNIGHT series) and still holding down the day job, so it doesn’t leave tons of time for much else. (Though of course there is always time to watch Bones. You find the time.)

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  1. dravenscrow

    I am SOOO ready for Stargazer to come out!!!! It’s killin’ me here to wait!!

    Hmmm, what kind of contests and/or prizes? I really am clueless when it comes to ideas. :o( Although obviously, autographed copies are always a wonderful thing! ;o)

    Yay for more blogging! I love hearing about book progress as well as you in general. A lot of the time an author has no time for (or chooses not to have time for) their fans. It’s so nice that you take the time to connect with us. I know for me, it makes me feel like you DO care about your fans and what they think. It’s nice for us to learn about you and the person you are, without TOO MUCH personal info of course!

  2. 9t9

    Excited for the new book. As for types of contests, please include things that creatively-challenged people like myself can participate in. i.e. not just, whoever draws the best picture wins, lol!

    Would love to win ARC of the book!!! And please make the contests international, not just for US residents, that would rock.

    I would be happy to hear more about your writing process, more info on the characters, publication dates for the next two books, any story lines you considered but ended up not using. I know you want to avoid spoilers, but I always like to learn more about the characters in particular.

    Wow, did not realize you have a ‘day job’ as well-good for you for keeping all those balls juggled.

    ETA-It is telling me on the Canadian Amazon site that the release date is March 11th. Is that an error, or do we get it before the US?

  3. tehanu_chan

    I want… ~*world peace*~

    But if it’s not possible books are always the best choice <3
    And the contests you hold last time were pretty funny ^0^

    About blogging, I’d love to know about your creative process, I think that’s quite fascinating 🙂

  4. sunshine_queen

    I think the contests I’d be most into would be the ones where you have a piece in the story- the one where you offered the opportunity to name a character was rad. Heck, I’d just be happy to have a random person with my name, but I’m easy. As for prizes, books are always good.

    As for blogging, I think the creative process mixed with your daily life. Authors are just like us!

    (There should always be time for Bones. Did you hear about the latest spoiler?!)

  5. dhfreak

    I am so exited for the next book of the series. I so looking forward to seeing what will happen next.

    On contest wide. There is so many option and great ideas that could happen.
    You can do a contest of people taking photos with the book.
    A Drawing like someone suggested.
    Maybe an essay.
    Graphics also.

    Just options. 😀 Even something that can be mail 😀

    Oh will you be having a book signing?

  6. Anonymous


    I can’t wait until Stargazer comes out! I have already re-read Evernight so many times now!

    Contest ideas? I would love to win (of course) signed copies.
    I’m not that creative though.
    For blogging ideas you could always give quotes from upcoming books everyday or week. Thats would be awesome!

  7. musicalmolls

    Hmm….something involving writing is always fun. I don’t know how you feel about fanfic, but what about a contest where you list really random prompts with characters and we choose one to write about. Or you could announce the contest, we could message you or comment and then you could assign us prompts.

    Choosing random commenters and just giving stuff away is always a choice!

    And ARCs are ALWAYS welcome as prizes!! That’s probably what I would like most.

    I’m chomping at the bit for Stargazer! I seriously cannot wait!!

    You’re an attorney, yes? I feel like I read that on the sleeve of EVERNIGHT.
    YES! Always time for Bones! and if there isn’t, I make time!!)

    • admin

      Just for the record, I LOVE fanfic. I don’t think I can personally run a ficathon for my own stuff, though. Apart from any legal issues, I really feel like fanfic should be fan space — where you guys get to play with the world without me leaning over your shoulders. But I like the idea somebody had here about speculating which other vampires have attended Evernight Academy, and when. That might be close enough for jazz. 🙂

  8. joylee56

    I second the idea of ficlets. That would be fun.

    Or you could have us speculate how other vampires would do at Evernight.

  9. Anonymous

    I think books make great prizes… but maybe that’s just me! 😛

    And I’d love to hear about how you right. i want to be a writer too so I find that super helpful and interesting! 🙂

    BTW (completlyrandom) I did a review of Evernight here ==>



    • Anonymous

      Learning how to spell… also good for the WRITEing. 😛 Sorry.

  10. lanna_lovely

    Fan art contests are always fun.

    Ooh and “cast the characters” contests too, where you say “if the book were a movie who would you cast for what characters?” (I’ve seen one other author have a contest like that and she made it so you have to choose 3 characters to cast, just to keep it fair) and then you choose your favourites.

    Hmm… playlist contest? Like, people have to come up with 10(?) songs that remind them of the book/characters and they say why?

    Fan made trailer contest? Some people (me being one of them) fail with flying colours at making trailers but it’d be fun to see the ones other
    people make.

    That’s all I can think of right now, as for prizes… I have no idea, signed books? Arcs? *shrugs*

    Anyway, can’t wait for Stargazer. :]

  11. venioinnocenter

    Ohhh, contest prizes. I liked the amazon giftcard thing you did last time. Also new YA books would be nice, like Fade, etc. Advanced copies of your book, too.

    I liked the set up of how you did contests last year, where you ask questions and then picked the winner based on what you liked. Random winners are nice, but sometimes to good to know you earned it ;p

    • musicalmolls

      I like the questions idea! I wasn’t on here then, but I think it sounds fun. Make us use our brains. I paid 80K for mine, I should put it to some use!

  12. an_ljubic

    March 1st, my birthday! (:

    About the contest, please do something where everybody can participate. I’m from Peru and although we don’t have the books yet (but I hope we will) some of us really enjoy the story and would love to have a chance. And the price, well I think that anything related to the series will do just fine (:

  13. mi_grl_at_heart

    Naming a character would be cool – but so are t-shirts and books.

    A good contest might be creating a playlist for the book, a trivia quiz, or some sort of art representing the book.

  14. silentalchemist


    what about a signed copy of the book? and a poster! there should really be some sort of poster… seriously.

    um, also, are the sweaters for the school uniform a knitted style?

    which brings me to my next suggestion: COSTUME CONTEST!


    ALSO: I agree with the “if the book be came a movie, who would play who” idea, the soundtrack idea… Art contests, fanfic contests… All of its good… But im so making a costume. If not for a contest, but the tour in general. NY signing, APPRECIATED!

    • Anonymous

      Re: hmmm

      Contest/giveaways Ideas

      Copies of the anthologies you are part of(signed) would be nice.
      maybe some graphic art,like banners or tags.
      merchandise like T-shirts or mugs with a logo from a book.

  15. Anonymous


    I have some ideas that would make ME enter the contest! I don’t care much for material things (other than books)! Maybe, if your time allows it, there could be a ‘Spend a Day with Claudia Gray’ prize. The winner could tour your office or just hang. I will pray and wish and hope that I win! An exclusive look at STARGAZER might be cool, but I don’t know much about the rules against letting a story leak out before it is published (also the book may be out before the prize is given ;P !!!!!) I could go for a signed book any day as well!!!!!!
    Thanks so much!!!!!!!
    Your favorite reader!!!!
    Hannah!!!! 🙂

    • admin

      Re: Ideas!!!!!!!

      You guys would not want a tour of my office! Trust me on this one.

      I would need to come to the winner of such a contest (making a trip to NYC mandatory to the winner isn’t much of a prize), and I want all the contests to be worldwide, so I have to think long and hard about whether or not I can commit to going to Peru or Spain or wherever. But I think I can be sure an early copy of STARGAZER will be going out to at least one winner. 🙂

  16. cali_arab

    Mmmm…some ideas…
    About the contests…what abot icons? That would be cool. And maybe fanfiction…or posters and the like.

    And the prizes…(I love prizes…lol)what about signed copies of Stargazer??? That would be just great!

    And, about the things that I would love to read about…well, I’ll read everything regarding the series, but what do you think about posting deleted chapters, or additional info abou the characters…you know, that kind of information that doesn’t give away anything important but could be fun to read about: how you imagine them, where are they from, background info.


  17. tinkandalissa

    I think maybe trick questions are good for a quiz type contest. And that signed copies of your books are a fabulous prize! Maybe in place of diamonds you could just use sparkly ink. Haha.
    As far as what I personally like to hear about, it’s you! What’s your writing process? Do you listen to music to become inspired? How long does it take from idea to rough draft to final manuscript? Anything that has to do with that kind of stuff. As an aspiring writer, it’s great to hear what else REAL writers struggle with, so I don’t feel so alone. 🙂
    I cant believe you are already on book 4! Wow! You must write fast. Or did you have all your ideas outlined before you even started book 1?

  18. Anonymous

    Hmm… yeah, autographed ARCs would basically be awesome. And I guess promotional merch would be sweet too, like hand-made book marks or something?

  19. Anonymous

    Ideas!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!

    I personally think that an essay contest would be fun! I love to write and am finishing a book (I don’t know how it will work out since I’m only in the 8th grade, but it’s worth a try!) I can see how hard it is for you to pick one because I’m sitting here with a blank mind! Oh! Still assuming you stick with the essay, the writing could be about an alternate ending to EVERNIGHT! However, guidelines would need to be present! SPOILER WARNING! Certain details like the Black Cross and original characters need to be there! I don’t know… this is complicated! I wish you luck!
    Your favorite reader!!!!
    Hannah!!!!! 🙂