STARGAZER’s release date is here!

Posted on March 24, 2009

Yes, it’s March 24 — release day at last! Although plenty of you managed to find STARGAZER in your local bookstores ahead of time, all of you should be able to find it now. I’m tired and relieved and thrilled: You name it.

I also picked the winners for STARGAZER Contest #6 this morning. Congrats to Christine M., Tori W., Ornella S., Lauralee W., Deltay, Hannah G., Jackie D., Moriah D., Misty H. and Jessica J.! Their lucky charms were the luckiest of all. Though it was interesting how many different theories of luck you all had — plenty of people don’t believe in it at all (including a couple of the contest winners!), while others have some pretty elaborate rituals. Interestingly, the most common good-luck talismans were things that people wear on their bodies: rings, pendants, pieces of clothing, tattoos, etc. I think we feel best with good-luck charms we can keep with us all the time.

Next up will be STARGAZER Contest #7! This one will last a lot longer — six weeks, to be exact, with me picking a winner on May 5 (to make a very merry Cinco de Mayo for someone). And it’s for the same grand prize as last time: the winner will get to name a character in AFTERLIFE, the final book in the EVERNIGHT series!

How do you enter? Help spread the word about STARGAZER by posting online! It can be a notice in your blog, a conversation in a books forum, a review in your LJ or on Amazon, whatever. Just post, send me a link to what you’ve posted at evernightclaudia at gmail dot com with the subject line “STARGAZER Contest #7”, and you’ll be entered!

RULES AND CAVEATS: (1) First and foremost, DO NOT SPAM. Spread the word, but you don’t need to post about STARGAZER multiple times/in places that aren’t appropriate/etc. (2) One entry per reader, to help with rule #1. (3) Although ideally you can choose any name you would like for the character in AFTERLIFE if you win, I reserve the right to veto any name that really wouldn’t fit into the world of the series. (No “Fifi Nutella” or any such thing.)

In the rush of getting ready for the big launch, I continue to be seriously behind on e-mails. Bear with me, everybody. And I hope you all enjoy STARGAZER.

56 Responses to “STARGAZER’s release date is here!”

  1. 9t9

    Congrats Claudia! I am about halfway through my copy and am loving it so far.

  2. medie

    Muwahahaha. I has it already. Got it from Amazon last, oh, Wednesday? Thursday? Either way, I had it read within a day or so.

    Surprised me the way it went, but oh god, I should have read it slower. I finished and was on the edge of MORE and then realized, I have a bit of a wait before the next one.


    *twitches a little*

    But yes, I loved it. A lot.

  3. just_thatsimple

    i’m definitely hoping to get Stargazer tonight [:

    i got to read like the first six chapters of it from and was definitely excited from what i read and it sucked because on chapter six, it only went so far and didn’t give the whole chapter and cut off a sentence where it describes a place bianca and lucas were heading to, to be alone. i was uber sad but yet, excited at the same time, because it makes me want the book haha.

  4. maisfeeka

    Hey, just an FYI… When I got my regular email from Barnes and Noble today, Stargazer was listed as one of the featured selections. 🙂

  5. tator_gator

    Ohh! I’m in Australia and I can’t get it for like.. AGES ):
    I’m thinking I should just order it off Amazon.
    But I’ve already got like 17 books in my cart and it all adds up to like $241 LOL ):
    Maybe I should just get the things I really want.
    Like Stargazer (:

  6. cristy7_pr

    I was one of the unlucky who didn’t manage to find Stargazer. 🙁 I had a feeling Borders (neither of the two near my house!) would have, as I’d never seen Evernight in it at all. *sighs* But I had to try, and since I was also buying another book out today (City of Glass which is awesome so far!), I went to the bookstore and asked and nothing, grrrrr. They checked their computers and it’s in the system, but they don’t expect it anytime soon. double grrrrr, so when I got home, I ordered it from Amazon. I’m expecting it early next week. Hopefully it won’t take long! *crosses fingers and toes* At least it gives me chance to finish City of Glass and I didn’t have to choose which to read first! LOL *talks way too much*

    Ohhh, This is a great contest! And the prize is even better! But I won’t participate to give chance to another person naming a character. 😉

    Although I did post it online, but only a selected few can see it. LOL Anyway, Good Luck to everyone!

  7. Anonymous


    The book itself was good. I liked how you ended it. I just have one question for you. How is Bianca going to get blood when trapped with the crazy vampire hunters. I actually really hate most of the vampire hunters except Dana. They are rather an annoying group of characters.

  8. elizabethloupas

    Dallas/Fort Worth checking in! I purchased STARGAZER today at the Barnes & Noble in Lewisville. Asked a clerk to find it for me even though I knew where it was, just so her interest would be piqued. A nice big stack facing out, with half a dozen or so shelved as well. Bought the trade PB of EVERNIGHT while I was there, which was displayed on a special “Teen Fiction” table. Spoke to a couple of people browsing in the area and assured them that anything by Claudia Gray was fabulous.

  9. hannah_giss

    OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON!!!!!!! EEEEEEK!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!! EEEEK!!!!!

    Your favorite reader!!!!!!!!!
    Hannah!!!!!!!! 🙂

  10. xtra_ordinary

    Hey Claudia,
    maybe you remember me? I send you a picture of me and my “Everynight” book from Germany last year. I preordered “Stargazer” in December to get it as fast as possible. Germany’s Amazon wasn’t able to tell me an exact release date, so I had to wait a very long, long time.
    Well, today I got my copy of “Stargazer”! Only 2 days after the official release date, that’s fast, I think!

    I’ll start reading now. Just wanted to let you know first, that your second book already found its way to Germany!

  11. Anonymous

    So I know this is a little over eager but…

    I was just wondering. Since I read Stargazer in like 1.2 seconds… when the next book is coming out. Since OMG do I want to know what is going on next.

  12. Anonymous

    lots of love!

    I read stargazer the day it came out in canada. (unfortunately it came out a week late, so I was shizzed off, but still), I loved it, and when I was reading it, I was almost exploding.
    I entered in the contest. Names are a big thing for me 😛

  13. crowza

    wow stargazer is amazing ^^ i went to barnes and noble in texas and there were only two left!

  14. Anonymous

    loved it!!!

    i loved stargazer!!! i’m dying to know what is going to happen in Hourglass!!!!! when is it coming out!!!!?? i’m so excited to see what is going to happen next! great job Claudia!!! I love the way you tell a story!!! aaahhh!!! can’t wait for Hourglass!! = )

  15. Anonymous


    LOVE STARGAZER!! It’s full of steamy romance, drama, suspence, and a hint of humor. Gotta read this book its GREAT!! 🙂

  16. Anonymous


    hey anyone who is reading this. Us people in australia have to wait until July to get Stargazer I’m close to finishing Evernight and was hoping to get my hands on Stargazer but now I’m sad that most people on the net have gotten it and aus have to wait. Why can’t it be the same as breaking dawn we got it the week after America now its making me sad to wait.
    posted by

  17. britlitfantwin

    Squee! I’m so excited. But I do have to apologise profusely to you – although I’ve been back from vacation for a little while, my life has been a whirlwind since then, so I haven’t been able to sit down and decide exactly what I want from the store. That will change within the week, I promise! It will be a perfect reward for much hard work.

    (And my blue nail polish worked like a charm for the trip. ^_^)

  18. Anonymous


    Ive been yack yack yacking about Stargazer and the whole Evernight series…. But I guess I got into the series a little late for the contest… Im still a mega supporter