Stargazer is available for pre-order!

Posted on February 12, 2008

Thanks to Tez (hi, Tez!), I now know that the second book in the Evernight series, Stargazer, is now available for pre-order.

(Of course, so is Evernight, though I guess that goes without saying.)

Apparently the on-sale date is Nov. 18, although I’m learning that can change. (For instance, Evernight was slated for a June release until only a couple of months ago.) At any rate, I’ll be adding the link to my site as soon as I have some cover art for Stargazer, which the good folks at HC tell me should be soon. I can’t believe it’s already up there!

Hmmm, I wonder when the cover art will appear on Amazon?

6 Responses to “Stargazer is available for pre-order!”

  1. kradical

    Hmmm, I wonder when the cover art will appear on Amazon?

    When they bloody well feel like it, based on past history… *wry grin*

  2. tezmilleroz

    Happy to help 🙂 Not sure how long it’s been there…I only thought to tell you when I saw that it wasn’t on your website. Obviously you haven’t been Googling your name enough 😉 (Sign up to Google Alerts, and they’ll do it for you.)

    Have a lovely day! 🙂


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