STARGAZER Contest #6 — one week until the launch!

Posted on March 17, 2009

For STARGAZER Contest #5, I asked you guys to send in your favorite movies made before 1960. I admit, I had no idea you all would have such incredibly good taste in films. This list is pretty impressive:

The Thin Man
Roman Holiday
Top Hat
The Maltese Falcon
North by Northwest
Sleeping Beauty
Rebel Without a Cause (Lori Ann even has a James Dean tattoo!)
Cat People
Pajama Game
Bride of Frankenstein
Some Like It Hot
The Wizard of Oz
Gone With the Wind
Rear Window
An Affair to Remember
Calamity Jane
Brides of Dracula
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
The King and I
A Night at the Opera
Citizen Kane
The Philadelphia Story
Penny Serenade
The African Queen
Singing in the Rain
Meet Me in St. Louis
The Searchers
A Summer Place
Bringing Up Baby
Splendor in the Grass

I think my favorite entry came from April, who wrote that her favorite pre-1960 movie was either “Psycho or Mary Poppins.”

We had five lucky winners this time: Congrats to Shellye N., who won the grand prize of all four DVDs, and to Rozy C., Janel M., Jennifer A. and Sara M., who won one DVD each!

But there’s one more week until STARGAZER hits stores, and that means we’ve got time for STARGAZER Contest #6!

I have now opened up a Zazzle store! Those of you who might be dying for an Evernight mousepad or T-shirt or whatever may now sate those cravings. Within a couple of days, we’ll have the store linked to the website.*

make custom gifts at Zazzle

To celebrate, I’ll be giving 10 winners one item of their choice from the Zazzle store. What do you have to do to enter? As long as this contest is beginning on St. Patrick’s Day, with four-leaf clovers everywhere, just tell me: What’s your lucky charm? (If you don’t believe in luck, you can just explain that too.) Send your answer to evernightclaudia at gmail dot com, with the subject line “STARGAZER Contest #6.” You don’t have to decide what you want unless/until you win, but be sure that your entry contains a valid e-mail address I can use to reach you.

* For the record, I’m not exactly planning on making tons of money this way; it’s mostly so I can get a mug for myself. I figured I’d offer you guys the option.

28 Responses to “STARGAZER Contest #6 — one week until the launch!”

  1. medie

    Ohhhhhhhh see, now I was just saying the other day I need more fannish clothing. Now, where’d I put my credit card…*grin*

  2. Anonymous

    I bought Stargazer today at Borders.

    I happened to stop in Borders today to get my copy of Immortal so I can read Patrice’s story, when I spotted Stargazer. Just thought you should know they are selling Stargazer at my local Borders. No need to worry I won’t spoil anything, just thought you might want to know. This isn’t the first time this particular Borders has done this, I believe its a ploy to boost sales. Not that I hold anything against Borders but I prefer Barnes and Noble, the only reason I was there in the first place is because Immortal is a Borders exclusive. The only person who I will tell the location to is Claudia, I told them the book isn’t scheduled to come out until next tuesday. The sales associate then looked at me like I was stupid, checked the date on the sticker they print and said I WAS WRONG. I almost told her off and got into a fight with the associate but then I realized you’d have more power in this situation since your the author. Anyway to contact me if you still have my email from this last Stargazer contest my answer was Meet Me in St. Louis, if you don’t have that and still want me to tell you the location I’ll email it to you.

    • admin

      Re: I bought Stargazer today at Borders.

      Hey — you’re so sweet to be concerned, but honestly, it’s fine. It is a ploy to boost sales, and because they’re my sales too, I’m okay with it! This kind of thing happens all the time; it’s just part of the business.

  3. hannah_giss


    If we e-mail multiple time will our chances of winning get higher???

    Because one of those t-shirts has seriously caught my eye!!!!!! Haha!

    Your favorite reader!!!!!!!!!
    Hannah!!!! 🙂

  4. annoy_me


    dude i went to borders last night and stargazer was right there on the shelf! i bought it. it is really good!

  5. readerchick12

    No Stargazer!

    I’m heartbroken!!!
    A whole lot of people I been able to get Stargazer now. I have been checking Walmart,Books a million,and Target(the only places that sell books in my town) everyday (no kidding) since Monday looking for Stargazer! It’s never there. I don’t think I can wait until Tuesday! The suspence is killing me.

    I emailed my entry for the contest and my lucky charm is my Ipod. I know silly but it’s true. I love your contest!

  6. Anonymous

    Okay, let me get this straight. Stargazer was released in Canada last week but has yet to hit the stores *groan*. But in the US it’s not due out until next week, but people are able to buy it in the stores. Sounds kinda backwards. Oh well, now I’ll have to wait even longer to find out what happens because Cassandra Clare’s book is also due out next week (it’s in the stores waiting for the release date so it can hit the shelves). But as soon as I’m done City of Glass, I’ll be reading Stargazer. Can’t wait.

  7. Anonymous

    Ah – no way, Gone with the Wind was made that long ago? I thought I couldn’t think of any 😉 haha. Wow. I’ve watched that movie so many times – love it. Scarlett O’hara.