STARGAZER Contest #4 begins!

Posted on March 3, 2009

First of all, I loved reading the answers you gave to the question for Contest #3, namely, “What’s the most romantic gift you can imagine receiving?” People named everything from jewelry of various kinds (go Lucas go!) to scrapbooks or keepsakes boxes of important moments in the relationship to special outings together to flowers, and lots of people named an engagement ring. The most unusual answer was “a dog” — for the surprisingly logical reason that a dog would then bring even more love into everyone’s life. Which is a nice way to look at it, don’t you think? A lot of people talked about gifts they really had been given, or had seen given to others, such as the surprise “renewing our vows” ceremony one husband cooked up for his very pregnant, very tired wife, who had no idea when she walked into the church that all her friends and family were there to see her husband declare his love for her all over again. The one common element: Everyone agrees that the most romantic gifts are the most personal – the ones that showed real thoughtfulness and intimacy.

Despite all the truly wonderful entries, only one person could win, so congratulations to Amy D! I’ve already talked with her via e-mail, and it sounds like the most beauteous bracelet in all the land is going to a good home.

If you didn’t win, fear not: It’s time for STARGAZER Contest #4!

I shied away from using brand names in the books where I could avoid them; I didn’t want to date the books too much. But I can tell you here that the special perfume Bianca wears, the one that smells like gardenias, is Marc Jacobs. And I am giving a bottle away to one lucky reader!

If you’re a guy who wants his own prize, or a girl who would prefer to scent the guy of her choice rather than herself, then you can choose instead to get The Dreamer, the men’s cologne I sort of associate with Lucas. Basically, this whole contest is about your chance to be Bianca- or Lucas-scented.

All you have to do is answer this question: “What’s the strangest dream you’ve ever had?”

After all, Bianca does keep having those odd dreams in the books — rather meaningful dreams — so it seemed like an appropriate question to discuss.

Enter by emailing me at evernightclaudia at gmail dot com, with the subject line “STARGAZER Contest #4.” Tell me your answer to the question and be sure to leave me a way to contact you. You have until Tuesday, March 10. And let me know if it’s okay to tell people about your dream in the blog: It absolutely does not affect your chances of winning if you’d rather I didn’t, but I thought if a few people were willing to share, it might make for some fun entries!

(BIG note: Do not tell me your sexy dreams, people! This is not a thing to tell random people on the internet! OK, I’m not entirely random, but there is a very good chance I could be eating and read about the freaky and, like, choke on something.)

FYI, due to various technical difficulties, the Contest #1 prizes went out after the Contest #2 prizes, but they are all on the way (or there) by now. And although I have not yet had the opportunity to send out ARCs for those of you who blog, I will be doing so within the next couple days, so there’s still time to get requests in!

20 Responses to “STARGAZER Contest #4 begins!”

  1. mythusmage

    Email: mythusmage AT gmail DOT com

    Strange Dream

    Not so much a strange dream as a series of strange dreams. They all occured in the same setting, one that was consistent from dream to dream. In some dreams I would leave home (then just off of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard in San Diego), catch a bus, and then just a half mile later we’d get on a freeway heading south. A freeway that doesn’t exist that descended into a valley that doesn’t exist that debouched into a different version of Mission Valley. One with a version of the Fashion Valley shopping center located south of valley floor that in the real world is at the top of a bluff overlooking the valley. On occasion I went to see the movies playing at the cinema located there.

    As the bus turned south onto the freeway there was a neighborhood on your right occupying the slope of the valley. There was one dream where I heard that a bus line was now serving that neighborhood, so I took that bus just to have a closer look.

    The place was called San Diego. It had the same general physical location as our San Diego, but there were differences in local physical and civic geography. And I don’t recall reading about any wars in the newspapers in those dreams; this when the papers were full of news about the fighting in Vietnam.

    I just recently started remembering those dreams, and so my exposition regarding them is going to be a mite bit disorganized.

  2. frenchie0323


    I have a recurring dream that i am meeting up my one true love in a high school building. There is no one the but us and we are just talking. All of a sudden warriors come and chase my true love to the top of the school building. I run after them to protect him, but the warriors keep saying that its his fault that he does not derserve to be with me and then I wake up. I still have not found out whether or not my true love makes it.

  3. Anonymous

    Weird Dream

    Okay…1: HUGE fan. 2. the weirdest dream I have ever had was when I was 6. Okay… so I was supposively walking in a carnival and there were these walking dogs and cats and they started chasing me and threw dog and cat food at me! I was so scared,( come on I was six) that I waoke up screaming Don’t Hurt Me!!! And that’s it! By the way,could you keep my post on the down low if I win? Thanks!!

  4. Anonymous

    The Strangest Dream I’ve ever had…


    The strangest dream I’ve ever had would be when I was about sevenish. I was at the Christmas carnival with my family when all of a sudden, the carnival ride in front of us comes alive. I cannot remember what it was called but I think it’s something along the lines of hurricane, it is tall and purple with the chamber where you sit yellow, I think… Anyway, it came alive and started to eat my family. Just as it started to gobble me, the dream shifted and I was at a house full of people. It was a party There on the centre table was a jar of special jelly beans which were my duty to protect. Strange men in black suits came and gave me the ultimatum of either saving the jelly beans or my mum. It gets kinda blurry there, but by the end the jelly beans have been eaten my mum is safe and the men in black suits are gone.

    You can tell other people of this dream, it’s fine by me.

    My name is Jackie Downes and my e-mail is I made a rendering of this in yr 8 art in a topic I now have forgotten the name of which I can email to you if like and there are a few other strange dreams I’ve had which I could tell you of.

  5. Anonymous

    Strangest Dream

    Hi 😀
    Well, the strangest dream I’ve ever had was that I was at a zoo, with my family, and my close friends. And my friends went to get something to eat and watch a show, and I had to stay behind with my parents D: haha. Well, we were looking at the snakes & I was getting extremly creeped out by them. And the lady that is supposed to feed them, comes up to me and my little brother and asks us to feed the snakes for her. So me trying not to be rude, say yes. So I’m in this faintly lit room with my little brother, trying to find the snake food and I ask the lady “Hey, um, where’s the snake food? Like the mice or whatever it is they eat?” and she looks at me like as if I were saying the most ridiculous thing on Earth and says”Aw, honey, we don’t feed them regular snake food, we chop up the small snakes & feed them to each other” at that point I felt like barfing. Then she demonstrates it! Then I did barf D: She looked at me and asked “You can have some if you want, you know?” She said that just as she was eating a piece of snake! it was incredibly disgusting! My brother was eating it too, and when I went to tell my friends, only one got grossed out by it. The rest ate the snakes. It’s becomming like a series of dreams. Each time in a different setting. It’s immensly wierd. Especially because I am like snakeaphobic!
    my email is: 😀

  6. Anonymous

    I would write my dream if I have a better english and if i was for the USA but i am a spanish speaker XD

  7. xollinzolox

    Alright, I can only remember one dream I have ever had, but it’s pretty bizarre.

    So I’m like 6 or 7 and totally in love with Disney and everything. So I’m in a white gown with Cinderella’s face on it and a matching veil. I’m princess of a huge ice castle and I’m standing out in the snow by the frozen lake. All of a sudden, a giant octopus comes out of the lake, grabs onto my leg, and pulls me under. And that’s it.