some very limited overseas release info

Posted on April 9, 2009

I promised I would let you guys know when I had it — and now I sort of do, though not very concretely; all I have are months, not actual release dates, and not even all of those. But I thought I would share what I had, for what it’s worth.

SPAIN: You get STARGAZER in both Spanish and Catalan in May 2009. I have started to hear from some people who might have it already, though I don’t know if they are getting US versions. So far, neither the Spanish nor Catalan publisher has bought the rights to HOURGLASS and AFTERLIFE. I know it’s sold well over there, so I’m optimistic, but I can’t give you any release dates past STARGAZER because, right now, they don’t exist.

AUSTRALIA: You get STARGAZER in July 2009. The Australian publisher has purchased the rights to the full series, so HOURGLASS and AFTERLIFE will be headed your way, but I think the time frame is not yet established.

ITALY: EVERNIGHT appears in Italian this month! The Italian publisher will also be releasing STARGAZER, but I have no date for it, and HOURGLASS and AFTERLIFE have not been purchased by them yet.

GERMANY: EVERNIGHT will come out in Germany/German-speaking countries in June 2009. The German publisher has bought rights to all four books, but I have no other release dates yet.

FRANCE: The French publisher has the rights to EVERNIGHT and STARGAZER. I don’t have dates for those yet. The final two in the series are not yet sold to them.

HUNGARY: EVERNIGHT is coming out in Hungarian! I don’t know when, nor whether they will want the other three books, but I find it very cool nonetheless.

That’s all I know right now — hope it answers a few of your questions. Either the publishers themselves or your local bookstore chains might be able to provide more clarification.

As for the U.S.A., Harper finally settled on a once-a-year schedule for the series. So HOURGLASS will be out in early spring 2010, and AFTERLIFE will appear in early spring 2011. I know, I know, it seems like forever! I wish they were coming out faster too, but with STARGAZER in its second week on the NYT list (woo!), they must know what they’re doing.

I am loving the entries I am getting for STARGAZER Contest #7! I hope to post links to several sometime this weekend. And by the way, winners to contest #6, Zazzle held up shipping the prizes forever, but they should finally be on their way.

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  1. raptor47

    Do the publishers send you copies for each of these? How awesome it would be to have a multilingual set of the Evernight series on your bookshelf! I most impressed with the Hungarian version.

  2. toshi_hakari

    GERMANY: EVERNIGHT will come out in Germany/German-speaking countries in June 2009. The German publisher has bought rights to all four books, but I have no other release dates yet.

    That’s great 🙂 My mom wanted to read “Evernight” when I told her about it, but she needs it in German, so this is really amazing news 🙂 Do you know which German publisher will release it? Maybe Carlsen?

  3. floweryscent

    The spanish version of Stargazer is already out here in Spain, it came out a week ago. I really hope we can get the rest of the books too, I’m telling all my friends about them!

  4. Anonymous


    i thought stargazer came out in australia on the first of April. Everyone is saying that and some apparantley have already got it. I don’t know what’s true.

    • pjbeliever

      Re: hey

      I haven’t seen Stargazer out in Australia yet. Do you know where people got it from?

      I’m excited that Stargazer is coming out in Australia.

  5. cali_arab

    Well, I’m getting the book next week. But I ordered it from Amazon, so…doesn’t count. I’ll ask my friends if they have buy it here! 🙂

    P.D. I think my postman is sick of me already. I’m always asking if there’s something for me. Every morning since they sent me the “your order has been sipped” message! lol

  6. Anonymous


    Hola soy de Argentina y queria saber cuando sale el libro aca. Hace muy poco salio “Medianoche” y espero no tener que esperar tanto. Gracias por leer y si no sabes no importa, voy a seguir esperando de todas formas.

    Hi I’m from Argentina and wanted to know when the book comes out here. Just recently went “Midnight” and hope not to have to wait that long. Thanks for reading and don’t know if it does not matter, I will wait anyway. Sorry if the translation is bad, I did it for Google.
    Thank you.

  7. tator_gator

    YAY! Oh, I can’t wait until July!
    I only got Evernight a few weeks ago and I’ve been waiting and waiting for Stargazer. ):
    Maybe I’ll order it off Amazon..?
    *sigh* ): LOL

  8. nicoledobbs

    Congrats! Figured I’d stop by and tell you that STARGAZER was PHENOMENAL! I made my dad drive to a bookstore to find that they didn’t have it, then made him go to another one. I ended up reading it before the night was up. Then again I was up till 5:20 because of the stomach virus I had but it made the nausea and pain and awkwardness worth while! Can’t wait till HOURGLASS is released. =)

  9. lluviaveraniega

    Um… I’m from Spain and I already have Stargazer, in Spanish [which has been re-titled ‘Addiction’ ¬¬). So April 2009 it is.

  10. Anonymous


    when will the description for hourglass come up.i cant wait please…………………………………………………………………………………

  11. Anonymous


    Adicción, the spanish title for Stargazer, was launched by Editorial Montena in their collection Ellas on the 3rd of April.

    I really wish that they get the rights for the rest of the novels. I think they will, because when I went to the library on the 3rd to ask for my copy, they told me that I wasn’t the fist one asking.

    Madrid, Spain

  12. Anonymous


    Hi Claudia!
    This is Tania, and i’m from Spain!
    I wanted to tell you that Stargazer was been sold on libraries since April 3th, I don’t know when it will apear on cataln, but in spanish it’s been sold yet!
    I’ve already readen it and I also wanted to tell you that i love the book and I’m really waiting for hourglass!
    Lads of kisses from Spain!


  13. hannah_giss


    Hi Claudia! I e-mailed you about the prizes for STARGAZER Contest #6. I had some problems with it…. Just letting you know!

    Your favorite reader!!!!!!!!!
    Hannah!!!!!!! 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    wait, so hourglass and afterlife are part of the evernight series, right? because i am such a big fan of evernight

  15. Anonymous

    I loved your books so far. Evernight I heard about from a web site and so I decided to read it, I really injoyed it and then I found you website and seen that sStargazer was the second. I could not wait for it to come out. Know from reading Stargazer I am itching to read hourglass and afterlife. I can’t wait.

  16. fantasy_escape

    Thanks for the information. Can’t wait for July (and if any Aussies see this Angus and Robertson said the release date is the 1st of July)

  17. Anonymous


    hourglass doesn’t come out till SPRING?!? oh dear. i’m feeling a bit light headed and i’m breathing real fast…. maybe i’ll go lie down…

    before i do, i’m a HUGE fan and i love evernight and stargazer. i really love the fact that lucas and bianca fight sometimes because real couples fight!! (unlike in twilight, no offense inteded, but they’re relationship is not at all beliveble)

    i love pretty much every part of these books!!

    do me a favor, and KEEP LUCAS ALIVE!! i kno thats random, but in alot of the books (ok. not alot, but a fair few) that i’ve read, the guy dies and it really makes me angry. so yeah. i would like it if lucas lives through all four books.. :]

  18. monster_mash_89

    Will the series be out in the UK anytime soon aswell?
    I have to order my copies from America *sighs*

    So excited for HOURGLASS and AFTERLIFE.

  19. freezing_82

    ITALY: EVERNIGHT appears in Italian this month! The Italian publisher will also be releasing STARGAZER, but I have no date for it, and HOURGLASS and AFTERLIFE have not been purchased by them yet.
    YAY! I was just about to come and say I saw Evernight on a bookshelf a few weeks ago.
    I’m so happy you got published here too! But I’m not so sure I’d want to read the translated version. I was about to buy it, then, as it always happens to me in this kind of situation, I stopped to think ‘what if I don’t like the translated version?’. Interpretation not always does the original good justice, so I don’t want to be disappointed 🙁
    But sure thing I’m going to buy Stargazer (Hourglass and Afterlife too as soon as the come out), because in the past few months I’ve been busy with school but now summer break is coming and I really need to catch up with Bianca and Lucas <3

  20. Anonymous

    OMG! that is WAY too much!

    OK, so Hourglass is coming out on 2010 and Afterlife on 2011… That really sucks! I am about to finish Stargazer and I really need the other ones, so, if it is not much trouble, Im asking you to please hurry up with the writing and publishing. Otherwise, I better continue with my addction to Stephenie Meyers books.

  21. Anonymous

    evernight saga

    dear, claudia gray
    i was just wandering if afterlife was going to be the last book you were going to right, or if u were going to right more about bianca and lucas.

  22. Anonymous

    hi. i would just like to say that i love your books! and i cant wait tell hourglass and aferlife come out! i love the chemistry bianca and lucas have between each other and the way they have little fight, its just like what a real couple would do, unlike like twilight. like i said before i love all of your books and i cant wait tell hourglass and afterlife. 😀
    from your #1 fan, Sundae 🙂