some Rome pics, plus rough Madrid schedule!

Posted on June 2, 2010

Hello, everybody! I am now settling in here in Rome — just in time to leave for the Madrid Book Fair tomorrow. It’s quite a whirl. But so far I am having a wonderful time. My internet access here is a little unreliable, so I am going to post this link to my Rome pictures so far; hopefully soon I can figure out how to be online long enough, stably enough, to post the pictures here direct.

Today’s adventures: I figured I would begin with the Forum, but this turned out to be the king of all bad ideas, which rules over lesser bad ideas; a massive protest or rally was being held at the Colosseum, meaning that the ancient areas were all but inaccessible, and the side streets were thronged with ever-thickening crowds of tourists detoured as I saw. I ducked into the first church I could find to get my bearings; this being Rome, that church turned out to be St. Peter in Chains, and I had therefore accidentally gone to see Michelangelo’s Moses. After that, I escaped to another area of the city altogether and visited San Giovanni in Laterno. Not only was the church an amazing sight, but I also was able to take a long walk in the park nearby. I tried to go to St. Croce in Gethsemane, but it was inexplicably closed. Well, I have a month to try again.

Now, Madrid! Here is where and when I’ll be appearing. This is as detailed a schedule as I’ve got, so bear with me, Spain fans:

Thursday 3rd June: * 7pm -9 pm. – Signature at Madrid Book Fair (Vips)

Saturday 5th June: * 12 – 2pm. – Signature to be confirmed (who knows?); * 7pm – 9pm– Signature at Madrid Book Fair (Casa del Libro)

Sunday 6th June: * 12- 2pm – Signature at Madrid Book Fair (Bertran)

And fans in Italy, don’t forget that I’ll be at the book fair in Rimini on the 20th of June. More details there if and when I get them.

I’ll report in again from Madrid!

2 Responses to “some Rome pics, plus rough Madrid schedule!”

  1. Aurora

    Sounds like your intro to Italy has not been the nicest but fear not…..Rome=adventure+Love so I would bet the reminder of your trip is going to be a wonderful experience with many many happy and special memories. Enjoy!

  2. Jesse

    You sound like you’re having fun … We’re so jealous! Enjoy yourself and come back safe!