So this is Wattpad, hmm?

Posted on June 2, 2014

First of all, huge congratulations go out to Tenisha, the winner of the A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU cover contest! But thanks go to every single one of you who entered. The response to the cover and the book has been beyond my wildest dreams, and I’m deeply grateful for every single entry, tweet, Goodreads shelving, you name it. This week’s contest will be a lot simpler. Yes, there’s a brand new contest — 


This week, I’ll be giving away ANOTHER prize pack of five books – including an ARC for one of next month’s hottest new releases. The prize books include an autographed copy of FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS by Diana Peterfreund, a scifi retelling of one of my all-time favorites, Jane Austen’s Persuasion; 34 PIECES OF YOU by Carmen Rodrigues, which is unrelated to A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU in any way besides having a fairly awesome title – and involves three friends investigating another friend’s death; both SHATTER ME and UNRAVEL ME by the one and only Taherah Mafi; and an ARC of SCAN by Walter Jury and S.E. Fine, a fast-paced alien thriller.

I have these books. You want these books. So how do you win them?

All you have to do is follow me on Wattpad.


Eventually, possibly after a reveal on some blogs, the first few chapters of A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU will be posted there. Until then, I hope to put up some short bits of fiction related to my previous books and short stories. Who knows? I might even bust out some fanfic. Right now I’m still figuring Wattpad out; my account is all of an hour old. Any of you who are old pros at Wattpad, any tips or advice? Things I should look for?

My hope is to follow back everyone who follows me, though I’ll have to see how things shake out. For now, just follow me there by Wednesday, June 25, and you’re entered to win.

Don’t have a Wattpad account? Well, you could create one just for this — who knows? You might like it and stick around. In the alternative, hang tight; there will be more contests throughout the summer. More books to be had. In the meantime, let’s just look at the pretty ATPOY cover again.


So pretty.



9 Responses to “So this is Wattpad, hmm?”

  1. Petra

    Oooooo, the first few chapters of ATPOY? Yes please. Look forward to you posted it.

    I don’t have any tips. I signed up to wattpad last year, but only recently started using it. A lot of authors are posting short stories/novellas there–which are always interesting to read and a few upcoming releases were discovered there, so it seems like the place to be.

    Will you be posting anything EVERNIGHT related? I miss Bianca & Lucas 🙂

    • claudia

      There will definitely be EVERNIGHT-related stuff going up at Wattpad; that much I promise.

  2. Joanna W.

    I’m not a writer, but I do read stories from Wattpad often. I really enjoyed reading your novel, Fateful, and Atpoy’s parallel universe story sounds awesome, so I’ll be sure to follow. =D

    • claudia

      Thanks so much, Joanna! (I hope to put some Fateful fic up at Wattpad too.)

  3. Rosario

    Claudia lovely cover and I love your books so created my account keeping fingers and toes crossed may the luckiest reader win.

    • claudia

      Thanks so much, Rosario! 🙂 See you on Wattpad —

    • claudia

      So glad you like the cover! I, too, have a lot of Wattpad exploring to do!

  4. Ashfa

    Wattapad is relatively new to me too. I love reading the stories there though. Followed you as @TopsyTurvy_Ash (I was to lazy to sign up so logged in through Twitter)
    Is the giveaway international?