rule I should have learned by now, horror movie liveblog?

Posted on April 16, 2009

I cannot count on eating dinner while watching “Bones.” Particularly not when my chosen dinner is pizza, and the victim was — well, like the one last night. Will I never learn?

Between being very, very busy and having a cold this week, I have not been posting or replying to e-mail as quickly as I should have been. But good things are happening! Stargazer is in its third week on the NYT bestsellers’ list (woo!), I got to visit the HarperCollins offices for a little celebration party on Monday and I am still neck-deep in fiction, writing hard. I hope to catch up on a few more things before I leave for England in — great cats, just a week and a day. Normally I plan my packing way in advance of a trip (I don’t do checked luggage), and this time, I have only the vaguest idea what’s going on. Better dive into the laundry this weekend, unless I want to spend a week sauntering about the United Kingdom in my pajamas.

I am not sure if I’ll have time to do this before my trip, but I was thinking of doing a liveblog/twitter feed of my watching a horror movie. Specifically, the horror movie that had an ad so terrifying that it freaked me out for more than 30 years: “It’s Alive.” I can remember seeing the first TV commercial for that movie and being almost paralyzed with fright; some IMDB searching reveals that I saw this when I was 3 years old. So it’s one of my first memories, actually. When I saw that the long-dreaded “It’s Alive” was airing on cable, I recorded it, intending to face down my old fears and hoping that it just looks cheesy now. (If it is still frightening, I may never recover.) Would anyone out there be interested in reading along with this exposure of my inner demons, and/or MST3King of a creepy old movie?

(I’m going to watch it regardless; this is just to find out if my secret terror will be private or public.)

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  1. marag

    Dude…you’re three books below Neil Gaiman on the NYT bestseller list. That’s so cool! (Yikes, I just realized I don’t have my copy yet. I might have to dig out that B&N coupon and head to the store today…)

  2. place_to_hide

    Eating and watching Bones never works! Because something gross is going to show up. Same can go for Fringe. Both shows had wormmys on their show this week.

    Third week in Best Seller? That’s incredibly awesome. Congrats.

  3. rheanna27

    Better dive into the laundry this weekend, unless I want to spend a week sauntering about the United Kingdom in my pajamas.

    **quietly raises hand to lodge objection to this**

    Please do the liveblogging of the horror movie thing! That sounds like fun.

  4. nerinedorman

    LOL! You’re braver than me. As a writer of horror I’ve the lowest squink threshold which is just so sad considering what it is that I do for part of my living. Le husband tried to get me to sit through Aliens the other night but I ran out of the room when I figured out the rottweiler got face-hugged. Ugh. Still makes me feel violated just thinking about it.

  5. biweasley

    Wow, you’re going to England! Enjoy the trip 🙂

    Haha I still freak out with old terror movies, too xD

  6. tator_gator

    I rented out the whole 3rd season of “Bones” and had like, a nonstop marathon. The eating thing got a little difficult :
    I was having noodles..
    LOL (;

  7. Anonymous

    rule I should have learned by now, horror movie liveblog?

    I JUST finished Stargazer. (It took FOREVER for the local bookstore to get my copy shipped from Tennessee). Claudia Gray, you are AMAZING. (I threw the book twice. Just twice. Other then that I was laughing hysterically, almost in tears, or smiling like an idiot!)

    I CAN’T wait until Hourglass comes out!

  8. Anonymous

    It’s Alive movie

    I would so love to read about it, while you watch it, I love that movie, but for me the more horror and gory the better, I remember seeing it when I was a kid and it was pretty scarry, I’ll admit, but so good. Have fun in England. PJ’s just might work though you never know. LOL


  9. Anonymous

    bones and stargazer, your my hero

    I enjoyed your books so much and the fact that you also watch bones, my favorite show in the world, makes them even better

  10. tinkandalissa

    Loved it!

    I just wanted to stop by and say that I just finished Stargazer yesterday and I LOVED it!! Cant wait for the next two!

    Also…the scene between Balthazar and Biance in the Modern Technology classroom? HOT! I love that little vampire!
    End Spoiler**

    • Anonymous

      Re: Loved it!

      I COMPLETELY agree on the Bianca/Balty steaminess. Was waiting on that since Evernight and still hope that we get a little more action there. However, with B off running around in The Black Cross with Lucas, I don’t see that happening. Oh, and I’d stake (sic) my life on the fact that Raquel finds out about Bianca’s vampirism!

  11. Anonymous


    i know this has nothing to do with your entry but i just need to ask you a favor. please dont make these books dirty. i am a christian with an obsession with vampires but still. if theres sex or the worshipping of false gods i dont read it. i happen to love your books and ould love to continue reading them but i will have to stop if they become inappropriate. please please pleas!!! 🙂 thank you! <3 kiley

  12. pinklady_vv


    OMG Finally I have the book, in shops in spain since the 3 of april, so I bought it three weeks later, and ¿what’s my surprise? the book I bought is of the second edition. So only in three weeks the first has become exhausted!! Congrats claudia! I Have started reading and I am charmed with it!! I in love with balthasar, and… with lucas too!