Roller coaster week

Posted on January 15, 2008

UP: Lots of snow predicted!

DOWN: Predicted for yesterday, which was bone-dry. It’s finally started snowing a teeny bit here in Manhattan, but it is not the fluffy winter wonderland we were promised.

UP: FedEx is sending my very, very final edits to Evernight back to HarperCollins!

DOWN: But first, they mistakenly sent them to Utah. UTAH.

(Note: I live in New York. I mailed the edits from a location approximately 20 blocks from HarperCollins. And they sent them to UTAH.)

UP: FedEx finally found the package in Utah and got it back where it needed to go.

DOWN: I had to rename the male lead of the entire Evernight series, and on such short notice that I only had two days to choose!

UP: His new name is Lucas, which already I like so much better than the name that came before.

ALSO UP: My new sofa arrives Saturday, which means my apartment will actually be completely finished by Feb. 1.

With more ups than downs, I think this week’s roller-coaster ride gets a Wheee! instead of an Aaaaaaghh! Although I was thinking a lot of variations on Aaaaaagh! when my edits were lost in Utah.

18 Responses to “Roller coaster week”

  1. sarah_create

    I’m glad they didn’t lose them.
    But to Utah? How weird.
    I’ve heard some writers photocopy their edits before they send them in, just in case.

    • admin

      Believe you me, I will never fail to photocopy the edits again! (My arm was in a sling at the time, or I probably would have done so this go-round.)

  2. delordra

    Re: first up and down…gah. Everybody at the hospital on Sunday was like, “Oh heavens! The snow of doom is going to hit tonight! You must discharge us right this instant so we can get home before the evil snow hits!” Except for this one family, who refused to be discharged because they would have to drive “all the way to Queens”. The hospital is a mile from Queens. Once you get your car out of the Hospital Parking Garage of Endless Doom, it takes about three minutes to reach the Queens border. Now, I don’t know how far into Queens they lived, but all the way to Queens? Not so much.

    The best part? They were taking up the last available bed on the floor. Because of them, a kid had to stay in the ER all night.

    Tonight I am on call in the other hospital, the one that is actually in Queens (a mile and a half from the one I was in Sunday). I have two patients who just got their gallbladders out. Neither, as far as I know, has any connection with Utah.

      • delordra

        What is also suspicious is that these newly gallbladder-less patients were eerily similar. They were the same age, had very similar stories, arrived on the floor about an hour apart, and had virtually identical post-operative courses.

        Personally, I think they were plants by Fedex. But one of them was actually meant to be in a hospital in Utah.

  3. maprilynne

    Okay, there’s a completely logical explanation for this. I am oh-so-anxious for my own edits and have managed to create an edit-hungry-gravitational pull that is effecting edits everywhere.

    And yes, you guessed it, I live in Utah.;)

    Sorry to have messed up your week.


  4. writerkitty

    They made you change his name??? Why? That would be very hard for me after thinking of a character a certain way for over a year (or however long).

    • admin

      Actually, I was the one who suggested the name change — it’s kind of a long story why. And it was actually kind of difficult; I’m still typing his original name at least once a page as I work on book 3. But I changed his name to something I really like, Lucas, and to be honest, I think it suits him better. I’d long felt that the name I chose originally didn’t fit him as the character evolved. So it’s not a bad thing.