Posted on July 13, 2008

I am deep in Hourglass revisions. It’s sort of hard switching gears like this — I had been in the thick of working on some other ideas, and really making some progress — but at the same time, I’m grateful to get the chance to make Hourglass everything it can be. It’s the third book of the four, one in which so many important events happen. I would hate to shortchange a single one.

(Not coincidentally, this book is longer than the first two — which were, in turn, exactly the length my editor described to me as the absolute maximum allowable. Hmmm. Wonder whether I’ll need to make more cuts here, or if we can fly at this length? Stay tuned for more news as this develops.)

I have tomorrow off from the day job. Bliss.

ETA: The website has been updated!

10 Responses to “revisions!”

  1. quiet_rebel

    Good luck! I’m revising as well, and I wish I could take an extra day (or two) off from my day job to just keep working on this rewrite 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Noemí (a spanish fan)

    Hello Amy.

    I like very much your firs book, Evernight. I am waiting for the second in Spain…I hope will be soon in the libraries.

    Thank You very much for Bianca, Lucas and Balthazar, my favorites characters.

    Noemí Sapiña