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Posted on June 10, 2008

I intend to post some great pics people have sent me, but no time to upload just yet. However, I can link to a couple of Evernight reviews (one of which comes complete with an interview) for you guys to check out.

Darque Reviews

Reviewer X

Reviewer X has the interview goods (ETA: including an extra interview here), so check them out!

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20 Responses to “Reviews and interviews”

  1. cfmom

    I just wanted to say that I received your book on Thursday and it’s next on my read list. I’ve had several friends already whip through at a frenzied pace and love it. I’m excited to get started.

      • cfmom

        Due to a wicked migraine coupled with wonderful insomnia I finished my book last night and am eager to start yours today. I post a review of the books I read on (in case you actually read reviews by your readers) but I will warn you – I’m honest to a fault and will point out what I like and dislike in every story I read. Lucky for me – I seem to pick excellent reads at least most of the time. From what I’ve heard from friends of mine, I have no worries about your book and I’m looking forward to an exciting read.

        This is probably rambling and more information than you care to read. I blame it on lack of sleep and the neurological effects my migraines have on me. Still, I wanted to let you know, or maybe forewarn you, that once I’m done reading I will review but as a published author I’m sure you’re used to reviews – good or bad. I’m anticipating good. 🙂

      • cfmom

        I finished Evernight last night and wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wanted more so frustration with the fact it ended is a good thing. 😉 I put my review on if you’re interested.

        I tried really hard not to compare you to other authors as it’s not fair and probably a little insulting. I did mention that Ms. Bethany reminded me of Delores Umbridge – but I think it’s the only comparison I made. I tried to keep a completely open mind and read the book as a totally new adventure into this genre. It worked. I thought it was great.

  2. dravenscrow

    Just wanted to say I picked up the book last night at Borders and can’t wait to start reading it tonight!!

  3. mizzykitty

    Great interviews! I got partway through reading the reviews before I became afraid that I might read spoilers, so I stopped. Still waiting for Amazon to ship me my book, but they promised it’d be this week!

    Oh, and I love Octavia Butler! Dawn = really intriguing, thrilling, scary stuff!

  4. shadow1905

    I read “Evernight” last night and I think it’s fantastic: familiar-sounding elements arranged in really cool new patterns. Can’t wait for “Stargazer” and the rest of the quartet!