Review! Plus, another call for Bianca questions —

Posted on July 23, 2008

We have another review of Evernight up here at Reader Rabbit!

In other Evernighty news, I am still woefully short of submitted questions for the interview with Bianca. I’ll need a few more questions before I can proceed. Any question you wish you could step into the book and ask Bianca? Let me know!

The heat wave broke here today, and oh, I’m so relieved. Weeks like last week make me wish I could move to Iceland.

8 Responses to “Review! Plus, another call for Bianca questions —”

  1. dravenscrow

    Hmmm…I am horrible at questions. However, my daughter (who is 12 and actually writing her own novel!!) is sure to have all kinds of questions for Bianca!! I’ll ask her and submit them!

  2. purplack


    Well a question I’d like to ask Bianca would be why she was given the name Bianca. Was there any specific reasons her parents named her that?

  3. tapinger

    I wondered how her parents got through immigration without heartbeats, but I don’t remember if it said exactly when they came. (Ellis Island was a little later, wasn’t it?)