Review copy time!

Posted on March 17, 2008

I finally have a few ARCs to distribute. A few of them are spoken for, and another few I’ll be distributing via the pre-launch contests for Evernight. (I can’t believe those contests will be starting soon. I am currently hunting up goodies besides the ARCs, so stay tuned.) But I also have a couple left over.

Anybody out there run a review blog? Or know somebody who does, and who might enjoy a YA vampire romance? Suggestions gratefully accepted.

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    • admin

      Re: *waves arms wildly in air, Muppet-style*

      I’ll definitely send one! But to which address?

  1. rj_anderson

    *wants one desperately and selfishly, but resolves to be professional and give you the names of proper review-type people instead of dilettantes like myself*

    Cynthia Leitch Smith is probably a no-brainer on this one, having written a vampire romance herself — but she’s well-known enough that I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s already on your publisher’s distribution list.

    On the less-well-known front, writes reviews for a number of children’s and YA blogs… I think she might be a good bet to like your book too.

    Hope that helps!

    • admin

      She’s not on my publisher’s distribution list, but she is one of those for whom a copy is already reserved (and, actually, on the way.) I will check out the other!

    • admin

      Re: congrats!

      Endicott Studio isn’t quite the vibe of the book, although I must tell to send a copy of Black Ships their way.

      Bookslut has that maddening thing where you can only e-mail them if you have a “default mail client,” which is not so great for those of us who stick to web-based programs. Hmmm. Will get somebody to spelunk for their e-mail address.

  2. rivkat

    I write reviews, at least, and I post them on LibraryThing as well as LJ. But if you find other deserving homes, feel free to skip me!

    • admin

      I may have to send you a post-release copy, I fear; I got fewer ARCs than I realized.

    • admin

      I’ll send one your way!

      I fear I am missing something really obvious, though — I’ve been through the site and haven’t seen the address to which I should send a review copy. Share?

  3. Anonymous

    i thought that i had left a comment, but i don’t see it!! i would love an arc, although i’m sure they are probably gone by now. 🙁

    i do review books if you are ever interested.

    thanks, the story siren

    • admin

      I have one left, so it’s for you! Is the address to send the ARC on the site?

      I’ll pop it in the mail to you on Monday.

      • Anonymous

        Really!! WOW! thank you so much! my addess isn’t on the site.. but you can send it to be at
        Kristi Diehm
        409 Ley Street
        Avilla, IN 46710

        I can’t wait to read it! Thank you so very much, again!!
        the story siren

  4. Anonymous



    I run Vita Dei, which is a review blog site for teen/YA vampire books. Evernight is currently on my “would like a chance to review” list. I just recently changed servers, so none of my reviews are up but they soon will be. If you are interested in me reviewing Evernight, you can send me an email at Thank you SO much for your time, I really appreciate it.

    Here’s the site