Repost and clarifications on STARGAZER contest #2!

Posted on February 19, 2009

You might not have seen it, because I posted late last night, but the second STARGAZER contest has begun, and you can check it out here!

To sum up, it’s easy: Friend me on Facebook — and maybe be one of three people who gets the advance copy of STARGAZER!

And taraljc has made it even simpler to do so, by providing the link you can use.

A couple of people asked what bloggers could do to get advance copies (whenever I finally receive mine!), and the answer is that once I get them in, I’ll announce it on the LJ, MySpace, Facebook, etc. Several people have e-mailed me already, and I will try to find them all, but your best shot is to get in touch with me as soon as I finally get in review copies. The three ARCs I am giving away in this contest are literally the only ones I’ve got at this point.

Also, I failed to say when the second contest would end: I’ll pick the winners from those who have friended me on FB on Tuesday, February 24. Then the third contest will get going!

Having a slightly less hectic day after a wild-and-woolly week, and it turns out that the plumbing problem at my house (boo!) means I get have to spend part or maybe all of the day at home tomorrow so they can work (yay!) — so tomorrow morning at least should be much better. 🙂

20 Responses to “Repost and clarifications on STARGAZER contest #2!”

  1. place_to_hide

    Do you mean February 24th? February 24th on a Tuesday as well? Or do you mean we will have wait until the book comes out when you announce who won the second contest?

    That sucks.I hate staying at home all day when a repair man or a plumber has to come and fix something in the house. We have to lock up all three of our dogs when that happens.

  2. Anonymous


    I friended you!

    Your favorite reader!!!!!
    Hannah!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. biweasley

    I just finished Evernight a couple of days ago because my friend told me about it and OH MY GOD, I just have to say that you’ve written one of my favorite books. I can’t wait for Stargazer 😀

    And haha my name is Bianca and it was so weird to read my name in the book. By the way, Lucas is too much love ♥


    PS: Sorry for my bad english but it’s not my first language :S

  4. Anonymous


    Hi! Sorry but my first language is not English ad I can’t understand what an ARC is! I always read about ARCs everywhere! Can someone help me? Thank you!!