Reader questions about the STEADFAST cover –

Posted on July 26, 2013

A couple of you asked really interesting questions inspired by the cover of STEADFAST, and I thought others might be curious, so I’ll answer here —



Inspired by the gorgeous image of Verlaine on the cover, Shireen asked: Is this book going to be mostly about Verlaine? Are Nadia and Mateo going to play a main part in this book? 

Although Verlaine does take on a larger role in STEADFAST, she’s not the main character. Nadia is still our MC, and Nadia and Mateo’s romance is a huge part of the plot of STEADFAST. When they discover that Elizabeth’s not dead — that, in fact, she’s actually delighted about what went down at the end of SPELLCASTER — they know they have to strike back against her. But the level of hatred they feel for Elizabeth, and the secrets about Nadia’s past that come to light, threaten to draw them both into the darkness they intended to fight.

But Verlaine gets to be on the cover, because she discovers what dark magic was worked on her long ago, and finally finds a love of her own –

Someone else – whose reply I cannot seem to find! — asked: Why isn’t Mateo on the cover? 

This is a fair question, especially since Mateo actually is Nadia’s steadfast! I wanted him to be, but the publisher felt like women on the covers sold better than men. Although I pointed out that hot guys do really well on the cover of Cassandra Clare’s books, I fell in love with this image of Verlaine, so I’m happy either way.

And this same person, I believe, correctly guessed who appears on the cover of the trilogy finale, SORCERESS — Elizabeth, of course! — and asked whether the final book would be about her. Again, no. Nadia is our MC throughout; both Mateo and Verlaine will play huge roles. Elizabeth will not play a larger role, but a slightly different one … but more than that would be spoilers.


What do you all think about guys on the covers of books?

9 Responses to “Reader questions about the STEADFAST cover –”

  1. Tenisha

    I personally love the covers! They are so gorgeous and unique! I cannot wait for Steadfast to come out, It is going to be amazing!

    • claudia

      So glad you like them! I do too, and yeah, they definitely don’t feel too generic, which is something I very much wanted for the series: some individuality.

  2. Muna

    Sooo…is that true for YA books in particular? Having female models on the covers (in to-die-for dresses, I might add ;D) than a male model gracing the front? Really? I’d imagine that most readers would want to drool over the guy(s). See I notice that plenty of romance covers boast shirtless male models–or near-shirtless guys–on their covers, and that the school age set (grade school readers) usually get illustrated artwork on their covers. Neat stuff really, the variety that’s linked with consumer marketing, especially when you think about it long enough.

    Anyways, I like the triage of females (Nadia, Verlaine, and Elizabeth), so I’m looking forward to Sorceress’ cover reveal and Steadfast’s release. Yet another great post, Ms. Gray!

    • Muna

      Err, I meant *trio, not triage. definitely not triage. *shakes head*

  3. Katy Jane Miller

    Is the model on Steadfast a model from America’s Next Top Model?

    • claudia

      … I don’t know, actually. Do you know which model you think it might have been? I could ask!