Rain Delay

Posted on May 19, 2008

Well, not rain, but it’s one of Those Days here at work — I’ll have to wait and announce the results of Contest #5 tomorrow. (And link to a great review, too!) So check back then!

10 Responses to “Rain Delay”

  1. Anonymous

    Bad Day

    aww, I’m sorry you’re having a bad day. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better =)


  2. mythusmage

    It was hot, dry, and something went boom close to my apartment. The last did not affect the baseball game nearby however. I hope tomorrow goes better for you.

  3. britlitfantwin

    Hi Claudia,

    I just wanted to apologise profusely for not getting your interview up … I’ve been having computer issues today. It will be going live tomorrow morning!

    Again, I’m so sorry …

  4. Anonymous

    Poor thing! The last time you posted you were exhausted, and now you’re aggravated. 🙁 I also hope you feel better tomorrow! You should have some chocolate! (That always makes me feel better!) =D

    ~Lucy D


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