prize hunting!

Posted on February 13, 2009

I have been coming up with more prize ideas for future contests and have found at least one thing that I truly love but had never thought of before. (You have to wait for me to unveil that one.)

In the meantime, though, I am still accepting entries for the first STARGAZER contest! If you want a chance at an autographed paperback and a copy of the first volume of L.J. Smith’s VAMPIRE DIARIES, send those entries in!

I work just above a Godiva store — I know, the temptation, it burns — and the line outside has been growing all day. Most of the would-be shoppers have the look of slightly sheepish men who tried very hard to think of other Valentine’s Day gifts, couldn’t, and are bunting with the expensive chocolates. To my chocoholic mind, this is smart thinking on their part.

Check out the fun review of EVERNIGHT by Surrounded by Words!

10 Responses to “prize hunting!”

  1. joylee56

    They had Ghiradelli’s Darks at the store next to the bank. I’m taking some home to hubby on the assumption that he will share. ;>

  2. musicalmolls

    Oh my goodness! That’s my blog! I almost popped! I’m really glad you liked the review, because I LOVED the book!!

    My boss put a bowl of M&Ms on my desk for caffeine since I’m currently on tea and not the coffee I love. They were half gone by the end of the day. Oh the sweet lure of chocolate.

  3. Anonymous

    Quick Question!! =)

    I couple of months ago I bought and read your amazing book Evernight! Upon finishing the book I thought to myself two things: one, there better be a sequal (which I was recently elated to find out that there is) and two, they should make this into a movie! I was on youtube earlier today and to my surprise I came across an Evernight Trailor but I cant find any release dates or any info abt it! Is this true?! Are yall making/made Evernight into a movie?! If so when is/ was the release date?!?!

  4. Anonymous


    Hi this is Hannah! I had 10 questions about being an author for an English project! We are still researching so you sent it just in time! Thank you so much! I learned so many things that I didn’t know about! You have influenced me to keep writing and make it my best! I really want to thank you for putting in all the time that you have e-mailed back (with actually reading and responding without it being a computer generated thing!) and all your work with your amazing books! Thanks again and I am still looking forward to STARGAZER!!!!!

    Your favorite reader!!!!!!!!
    Hannah!!!!!!! 🙂