Poll time!

Posted on July 6, 2008

24 Responses to “Poll time!”

  1. brinagirl

    Balthazar is just plain bad news, my friend. It would be so nifty if his storyline got wrapped up and killed off in the next book, I swear. Yes, okay, both Bianca and Balthazar were dishonest. But Balthazar continued his dishonest AFTER Bianca bared her soul and told him the truth about who she was and how she felt about him.

    I mean, the ideal solution would be to like, have a vampire court that tries and imprisons or kills the naughty vamps, but to leave everyone else alone, you know? I just love the idea of a weirdo vampire boarding school, minus the tragedy.

    Although before I make up my mind absolutely for sure in favor of Bianca, I need to know what the deal is with that crazy headmistress opening up the school to non-vamps. NEED to know.

    PS. Wanna come guest blog over at YA New York? Or play Twenty Questions with me? I’m asking all my favorites. 🙂 You have my e-mail! xoxo

  2. sunshine_queen

    I am absolutely one hundred percent Team Balthazar in every respect! Including his name. Balthazar is such a badass name.

    There’s also the pesky vampire/the slayer deal to contend with. It’s not something you can really fix with counseling.

  3. anoel

    Okay, for the first question I went with Lucas because if Bianca truly feels that Lucas is that true love/soulmate/whatever then I don’t want poor Balthazar to never be able to measure up to that. But Balthazar is who I choose in any case just because I looove him.

  4. tigergirl_104

    I choose Lucas for Bianca because she really does like him and even though Balthazar likes her I don’t think that he would like it if she felt bad for him and dated him.

    On the other hand I like Balthazar because he would really be a good BF; Maybe not as exiting as Lucas, but I don’t know if i could handle a BF that’s mother would like to kill me and my family.

  5. medie

    oh god, yes please. Let me have this problem at some point. *G* I’m half-tempted to be slightly contrary and say “neither! Vic, FTW!”

  6. wiliqueen

    Just for the record, if there were no door #3 in the second question? DEFINITELY Balthazar. Which is not at ALL because Lucas is far, far too young for me in oh-so-many ways. Uh-uh. ‘Course not…

  7. miladygrey

    See, Lucas is mortal and Balthazar is immortal. So she can have a dramatic lifetime with Lucas, and then Balthazar will be waiting in the wings for her.

    And this is not at all because my brain has helpfully fixated on Sean Biggerstaff as Lucas and Balthazar Getty as Balthazar.

  8. akamai_hi

    I would choose Lucas for Bianca, but my opinion could change after the next book. For myself, I picked the third one…

  9. doxys

    I chose Lucas for Bianca because I think no matter about how different their worlds is they are perfect for each other. For me as a reader Bianca and Lucas complement each other and their difference perspective about “life” brings something real and unique to the relationship. As a reader I like stories about fighting for true love but also I like some sense of reality in the story, for that reason I LOVE Evernight. Because Lucas is not perfect neither Bianca but their love is perfect in some magical and real way is so GREAT to have both aspect in a story. I chose Balthazar for me because he knows about books, poetry and he is an anti-bite like me so I love him as a character.


  10. erynnpronter

    Um… I picked Lucas both times. LOL I am such a nerd, but he really does fit with Bianca. For the second question, well that was hard because there are great values with both young men. But in the end… I haven’t a clue why, but I always end up liking the guy I want the girl to get with. lol Is that odd?

  11. midnight1989


    I love how at least at the moment most people choose Lucas for Bianca, and Balthazar for themselves. Looks like we’re a little greedy, “Yeah, sure. Let Bianca have Lucas. I want Balthazar.” lol

  12. 9t9

    Just read your book and very much enjoyed it, wanted to say Nina Simone is a goddess! Excellent choice 🙂