Part Two of the Hunger Games rewatch! Plus, what other films would you like to watch along with?

Posted on June 28, 2013


For those of you who missed the second half (or all) of our Hunger Games rewatch on Twitter, here’s the final hour of the film, picking up just as Rue and Katniss team up —




Glimmer is dead. Katniss is waking through weird camera work that means she’s hallucinating. #hgrewatch

Even high out of her mind on trackerjacker venom, Katniss knows to steal the bow and arrows. Smart girl. #hgrewatch

Three Peetas run through the forest to warn Katniss to get a move on. Caesar is here too, blue hair in the forest. #hgewatch

Now we have a flashback to Katniss’ childhood, which apparently took place during the Great Depression. #hgrewatch

Katniss awakens bandaged in leaves, thanks to Rue, the most adorable child on the planet. #hgrewatch

Rue & Katniss share a tasty squirrel & talk about death tributes and cute boys. This is just adorable. #hgrewatch

Remember how some people were actually mad that Rue was black? Those people SUCK. This child is awesome; Rue is awesome. #hgrewatch

Rue demonstrates how Mockingjays work, which now that I think of it works both literally and symbolically. Huh. #hgrewatch

I wonder what Rue’s long-term game plan was here? Pal up with Katniss, let Katniss kill a few people … #hgrewatch

… then keep that adorable smile on her face while she poisoned Katniss in her sleep? I mean, she was going somewhere with this. #hgrewatch

Katniss stalks the cornucopia! The color commentary from Caesar Flickerman is a great device for exposition. #hgrewatch

Foxface GAMES the whole cornucopia system without even being seen! Y’all, Foxface should’ve won this thing. #hgrewatch

I even love that Katniss misses her first shot at the apples. Katniss is strong and competent but not beyond nerves or messing up.#hgrewatch

And how BEYOND AWESOME is it that Katniss will burn the other team’s goodies just so they can’t have them? #hgrewatch

Rue screams for help, and Katniss runs to save her! But someone else heard the scream too. Oh, no. Here comes this part. #hgrewatch

HE SHOT RUE. HE SHOT RUE. Oh, my God, hold me. #hgrewatch

“You have to win,” Rue whispers. Katniss sings to her while the trees go out of focus and we all sob uncontrollably. #hgrewatch

Now Katniss is crying; I am actually, for true, reaching for my Kleenex. She zips up Rue’s jacket like she tucked in Prim’s shirt.#hgrewatch

Katniss lifts her fingers in salute, and all of District 11 salutes her back before getting some RIOT ACTION started. #hgrewatch

This is a pretty big change from the books, but IMO one that makes total sense. If you had actually known Rue, you’d riot too. #hgrewatch

The Capitol sends in some extras from “Tron: Legacy” to break that riot up. But NOW they’re worried. #hgrewatch

“Everyone likes an underdog.” Snow replies, “I don’t.” Donald Sutherland, you are the BEST. #hgrewatch

“I like you,” Snow says to the guy he’s gonna kill. #hgrewatch

“From now on, two victors can be crowned if they come from the same district.” Katniss jumps up and RUNS for Peeta. #hgrewatch

Oh, my God, Peeta’s cake decorating skills actually came in handy. But where did he find the frosting? The food coloring? #hgrewatch

I guess Peeta’s sponsor was Betty Crocker. #hgrewatch

I gotta say, though, that disguise is GREAT. Must have gotten a lot of orders for cakes that looked like rocks, in District 12. #hgrewatch

Peeta knows he’s wounded, tells Katniss to leave him. She won’t. This, of course, is the payback for the burned bread. #hgrewatch

Now they’re hiding in the Cave of Dawning Love. (That is its official name, right?) She kisses him. GALE MAKES SADFACE. #hgrewatch

Guys, I like Gale, I really do, but his SADFACE cracks me up every time. I’m so evil. #hgrewatch

The sponsors send soup and orders for them to kiss. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that for our TV/film OTPs? #hgrewatch

Peeta feverishly confesses his crush on Katniss. Does she really think he’s only acting here? Surely she knows better. #hgrewatch

Peeta: “Why are you doing this?” Katniss: kisses Peeta. Gale: MORE SADFACE. ahahahaha, my cup runneth over. #hgrewatch

Katniss stakes out the Cornucopia. What did the others need desperately, I wonder? Thresh? Clove? Foxface? #hgrewatch

Did someone write fanfic for that? I would read those stories. #hgrewatch

Clove is SUCH A PSYCHO. I swear she’s just trying to kill Katniss for fun. #hgrewatch

Like, why does Clove bother taunting her? Taunting only gets you killed. As Thresh is about to teach her. #hgrewatch

God, I love Thresh. I wish we’d gotten more of him. “Just this time, 12. For Rue.” #hgrewatch

That is some serious miracle salve the Capitol has, and yet they horde it for themselves. I hate the Capitol. #hgrewatch

Peeta applies the salve to Katniss’ forehead. The moment works 1000 times better than it has any right to – tender & yet real. #hgrewatch

“I’ll take the bow – I’m just kidding.” Another reason I love Peeta: he’s not threatened by Katniss’ badassery. #hgrewatch

“You scared me to death, damn you!” Then Katniss hugs Peeta, who’s starting to realize this relationship is complicated. #hgrewatch

Foxface died eating berries. But we know from the training sequence that she could ID night lock. Did she commit suicide? #hgrewatch

I think Foxface may have chosen a quick, painless death — and to die rather than kill anyone. She is so fascinating to me. #hgrewatch

The cannon fires again. Thresh is dead, and we’ll never even know how. I raise two fingers for Thresh. #hgrewatch

Attack of the mutts! I am SO GLAD they didn’t make them look like the tributes in the film – would’ve looked weird, not scary. #hgrewatch

Just giving a shootout to Josh Hutcherson for doing some quality running with a limp there. Most actors would forget. #hgrewatch

SHOUTOUT. Not shootout. Peeta has enough problems. #hgrewatch

Cato tries to force Katniss of the Cornucopia! Peeta saves her! Cato holds Peeta hostage! We are headed for the finale. #hgrewatch

Poor Cato gives his final speech, so pathetic because he honestly didn’t get that this was a zero-sum game until now. #hgrewatch

Cato’s slow death is speeded, as a mercy, by Katniss. But how come the game isn’t over? UHOH. #hgrewatch

“Attention tributes. There has been a slight – rule change .. Only one victor may be crowned.” YOU BASTARDS. #hgrewatch

Peeta offers to die by Katniss’ hand. I heart him so much. #hgrewatch

“trust me,” Katniss says. Is she hoping for an out or truly ready to die? #hgrewatch

OMG, Peeta touches her braid. STARS IN MY EYES. #hgrewatch

… and, the Capitol folds. Two winners are crowned! They hug and look up at the hovership that is only temporary deliverance – #hgrewatch

Haymitch explains that Peeta & Katniss’ problems have only begun. Meanwhile, our Gamesmaster is presented with a bowl of berries.#hgrewatch

Caesar Flickerman provides the after game festivities! God, he’s so magnificent in this movie. #hgrewatch

Peeta & Katniss hold hands. Stanley Tucci’s reaction shot makes me think he believes in them even if they don’t. Yet. #hgrewatch

Snow presents the victors with some parting gifts. Crowns, congratulations, a year’s supply of Turtle Wax. #hgrewatch

“I guess we try to forget,” Katniss says. “I don’t want to forget,” Peeta says. #hgrewatch

Gale has Prim on his shoulders and has gone from SADFACE to rueful face. #hgrewatch

I really wish we’d gotten the moment in the book when you realize Peeta believed Katniss’ love, and she realizes that too. #hgrewatch

Snow watches the celebrations in poor temper. He walks up the stairs to ominous music — And that’s the end!



Some fun questions/points raised by those of you who watched along:

@insomniabooks asked: What do you think about Julianne Moore (possibly) as President Coin in the Mockingjay films?

My reply: I hope they get her! I had envisioned Tilda Swinton or Jodie Foster, but Julianne Moore would be a good choice for President Coin.

Felicia said: I feel like you watch this movie every week!

My reply: Shhhh. Don’t tell. My secret obsession must remain secret. Like my VERY SECRET love for James McAvoy.

Regarding Rue and Katniss’ meal, Ronni Selzer said: not a squirrel. groosling!

My reply: Call it what you want; that thing is a squirrel.

For some reason Twitter isn’t bringing it up, but someone pointed out that, in the book, Foxface does not use the plant-identifying station; only Katniss, Rue and Peeta do. I didn’t answer last night (for fear of Twitter jail), but my thought is that this is another change in the movie that makes a lot of sense. Given Foxface’s hide-and-survive strategy, she would absolutely, positively educate herself about the plants and animals she could expect to encounter. We’re meant to understand, I think, that this was Foxface’s plan all along. Really, as the book plays it, we have to assume Foxface didn’t use that station simply because she must already have known the info. At any rate, I feel it makes a lot of sense to show Foxface using the plant-identifying station, and so to question her ultimate reason for eating the nightlock.



I enjoy these rewatches, and I get the sense you guys do too. So, maybe we could do this every month or two. But what movies should be next? “Easy A”? “Clueless”? “Dirty Dancing”? “Iron Man”? All the HP movies? What do you guys think?

3 Responses to “Part Two of the Hunger Games rewatch! Plus, what other films would you like to watch along with?”

  1. Christine Allen

    For movie recommendations how about Warm Bodies or Finding Nemo? Everyone loves some Finding Nemo 😀

    As for the debate about Foxface, I took it completely different. In the movie I just assumed she was doing some sort of matching exercise to see how fast her mind processed things since she was from district 5 (power and electricity) I figured she was most likely an indoors kind of girl, and that she may have known what nightlock was, but not necessarily knew it when she saw it. She may even have just been so hungry that she wasn’t thinking straight and figured if they were picking it to eat, it must be safe. Just my opinion though 🙂

    • claudia

      Warm Bodies would be a GREAT one to do once it’s on Netflix or Apple or something. As for Foxface – I guess it could just be a memory lesson, but I’m not sure why that would be a part of Hunger Games training unless the things they were supposed to memorize were of some use. But I like the ambiguity.