One more day to enter Evernight Contest #6! Plus, the widening vampire genre

Posted on June 29, 2008

I’ve been a rotten blogger this week, but what a week it was. Let’s see if I can’t get caught up.

There is one more day to enter Evernight Contest #6. Many have sent their photos with the book and the receipt (or the online ordering screen), but you’ve still got a day to get them in!

(I realize now this was sort of a tough contest to enter; a lot of people didn’t know about the contest until after they’d bought the book and discarded the receipt. And some moms are not so keen on their kids sending out pics of themselves via the internet. When Stargazer rolls around, I’ll think of a big contest that will be a bit easier for everyone to take part in.)

Speaking of pics —

A few people have sent me pics of Evernight on bookshelves, in displays, etc., which I adore. One pic, taken by sunshine_queen, does raise some interesting questions, however:

At first, all seems well, doesn’t it? But I believe it was hhw who pointed out that the book at the upper right is, perhaps, not ideal for the vampires display. That, or wee Harold was far darker than we all realized as children, and he is using that purple crayon for evil.

16 Responses to “One more day to enter Evernight Contest #6! Plus, the widening vampire genre”

  1. dhfreak

    Hey there. The book is amazing so far. Haven’t been able to finish it because of school and work. But I love it. I made a LJ community for the book series. I still am working on it. It will be probably up an running in a week or so. Here is the link . I will let you know when it has been constructed. 😀

  2. serialkarma


    (Some v. bored shelver is responsible, I’m sure. Remind me to tell you what some of my one-time bookstore colleagues did to an unsuspecting Teletubby doll one year.)

    • randimason

      Or some v. bored shopper couldn’t be bothered to put the book back.

      Do bookstores have enough staff for there to be shelvers anymore?

  3. lord_withrow


    Please still consider mine> My mom won’t let me send in a pic but please still consider mine. My character was

    Charity Laudric


    Age: 1937

    (isn’t Balthazar’s sister, this chic is different)

    Carries herself with grace and fashion yet is kinda wild and funny and has a thing for Puppies, Alchohol, Kids and for some unknown reason Catholic cross chokers.