Not actually dead — close, but not yet —

Posted on July 1, 2007

It’s been much too long since I updated. I hereby blame a grueling set of deadlines at work and a nasty summer cold, both of which contributed to my also falling behind on my novel deadlines. About two weeks ago, I was well on my way to a full-bore panic. However, last weekend I was able to make some progress on Stargazer, and then I finally got done with the big projects at work — which meant I was able to take this Monday and Tuesday off, allowing me five days off in a row when I really have no major plans other than to write. My goal is to reach Chapter 16 by Wednesday evening; if I do that, I’ll be in the home stretch and confident that I’ll have a complete first draft by August 1, my original, self-imposed deadline.

(Granted, this first draft is rougher than rough, but I’ve started making “polish notes” as I go, thinking out the changes I’ll make and putting together an action plan for revisions that I can turn around and start on instantly. So I feel good about it.)

Will I make it? I hope so (and will report in on Wednesday.) I find that when I have a lot of time set aside to write and am healthy/happy enough to actually do it, I work at a faster pace — and it only gets faster the longer I’ve got. There’s a rhythm to it, I think, or maybe it’s simply a matter of catching the book’s mood and being able to live in that for a few days. Does this happen for you guys, too?

Whatever it is, I’m having tremendous fun (writing in the park near my home, in a little shady place where you could believe you’re in the woods instead of Manhattan, white butterflies fluttering all around). If only I really could do this every day!

4 Responses to “Not actually dead — close, but not yet —”

  1. ravelda

    Summer colds shouldn’t exist. They even sound oxymoronic. 😉

    I also have to set aside time long enough for me to step back into the fictional world of my novel.

    Good luck writing!

  2. Anonymous


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