Next stop – Buenos Aires!

Posted on May 2, 2013

As those of you who follow me on Twitter already know, I’m headed down to Argentina, specifically to Buenos Aires, for next week’s Feria Del Libro! Although I’ve traveled to Buenos Aires before, it was a very brief stay, and I’m excited to spend more time in the city and especially to meet readers there. I’ll be taking part in lots of appearances & interviews while I’m down there, but a few highlights:


Wednesday, May 8, 15:00 hours — web chat hosted by the US Embassy

Thursday, May 9, 09:00 hours — appearance at Colegio Bartolomeo Mitre

Friday, May 10, 11:00 hours — speaking with students at ICANA

Saturday, May 11, 18:30 hours — appearance at La Feria Del Libro, first doing an interview in Salon Victoria Ocampo, then a Q&A with readers and a book signing (the main event!)

I very much hope those of you down that way will be able to attend. It’s a huge honor for me to visit Buenos Aires, and I hope my few months of Spanish lessons will finally be put to use!


Will post contest winners (and a new contest) this weekend …


16 Responses to “Next stop – Buenos Aires!”

  1. paola

    i love saw you on feria del libro yesterday!! you are a wonderfull person!!! thanx for everthing!! i love you!!

    • claudia

      Thank you for coming to the event! I thought it went great, didn’t you? SO MUCH FUN.

  2. Oriana

    I’m absoluty love saw you yesterday, i love your books so much so thanks for coming and signed to me

    • claudia

      Thank you for being there last night! I’m so glad you had fun because I definitely did.

  3. Cecilia

    Loved meeting you yesterday. It was a lot of fun listening to you.
    And I really want to thank you for being so nice and kind to us. It is very rare for american authors to come here. So I really appreciate you took your time to come all the way here.
    Also thank you for taking your time to take pics!!

    Come back soon! 🙂

    • claudia

      I had a wonderful time – thank you for coming to the event! 😀

  4. Nadia

    I couldn’t go to the Feria del Libro! 🙁 but I’m so glad you were in my country! And I can’t wait for you to come back and have a chance to meet you! and I can’t wait for Spellcaster 🙂 love you xoxo

    • claudia

      I wish you could have come too. But I am so enjoying my time in Argentina!

  5. Dan

    So glad to hear you had such a great time in Argentia. My wife, Kate, wants to read one of your books, which one do you recommend she start first? So great to have seen you a few weeks back. Can’t wait to see you again in New Orleans! Perhaps next year.

    • claudia

      Hi, Dan! It was wonderful to see you guys in NJ; it’s been way too long! And yes, you need to come to New Orleans.

      And it’s so sweet of Kate to want to take a look! Maybe the newest one, SPELLCASTER?

  6. Lily

    Hi Claudia
    When will you be posting the winners of the contest?
    Thanks lily

    • claudia

      They’re out now, Lily — sorry for the delay. More contests coming soon, and a new blog post up now …

  7. Jime Cuello

    Hey Claudia here you have me again! And i wait you can come to México on the FIL 2013 that would be so exiting! Love You!

    • claudia

      I’d love to return to Mexico if I’m ever invited back!

  8. Tayla

    Hey Claudia
    You are such an AMAZING!!!! Writer!!!!!
    When will you announce the winners of the competition?
    Thank you, Tayla!!!!!!

    • claudia

      They’re out now, Tayla – sorry for the delay. More contests coming soon!