New extras, plus hike pics

Posted on April 30, 2008

Check out my new icon! This is just one of the many icons now available on my site’s extras page. There’s mobile phone wallpaper available too. Doesn’t taraljc do gorgeous work?

My last act before coming down with a cold Saturday night was taking another hike, this one along a fairly easy stretch of the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut. I thought I’d put up a few pictures for those who need proof that spring is finally with us:

Look how clear the water is.

Although the river was low when we were there, you can see how impressive the rapids must be after a rain.

Several stretches of the riverbank were as sandy as a beach. We stopped here for a snack, and I took off my boots and socks to dunk my feet in the water. This was when I discovered that I’d been so sleepy while getting ready that morning that I’d put on mismatched socks. Oh, well.

Don’t forget: Contest #3 is still open! Tell me your favorite vampire for a chance to win an Evernight ARC. I’ve got some very interesting entries already —

14 Responses to “New extras, plus hike pics”

  1. hhw

    I believe I’ve been there! At least, I’ve hiked a portion of the AT in CT, and part of it was along a river. If I weren’t preoccupied with the urgent inner drama of whether or not to order a pizza, I’d look it up.

    congrats on the new icons — I am looking forward to buying your book!

    ETA: you inspired me again to look up local hiking outings for this weekend. thanks!

  2. Anonymous

    Aww, such pretty pictures! Sorry about your cold, I hate colds. Feel better soon =)


  3. vitadei

    Those wallpapers are really cool. I have the black and white one on my computer now.

  4. Anonymous

    oh man,

    I have walked that whole hike, it took days. My dad is all for lets get to know my new wife THAT I DIDN’T TELL YOU ABOUT by going on this insane hike that is really long. I couldn’t escape this chick who is like 14 years younger then my dad, So not for the bonding time with his wife that he thought he would just keep a surprise until I get to his house for the summer. A stepmother is not a extra surprise gift on your birthday. Man what was he thinking. Was there a wedding, and if so how could he not invite his own blood. Right? Whatever, I’ve been on that hike to, it is suicide to do the whole hike. It goes through like 3 states. Might have liked it if it was with friends.