nephew ahoy!

Posted on July 15, 2008

As of about three hours ago, I have a brand-new nephew! We think his name is Ari, but the parents are still wavering, so we’re unsure. But he’s 8 pounds and perfectly healthy; my sister-in-law had a home birth she was extremely happy with. In a couple of weeks I will be headed home to give him some quality cuddle time.

Mom, Dad, older brother Eli and wee one are just fine, but the dog (who has been the “baby” of the family for years now) is apparently very put out.

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    • afraclose

      And I totally didn’t mean to copy , I swear!

      I guess I need to be more imaginative. *blows up a few balloons instead*

  1. shayheyred

    Ari…cute name…and very Israeli. Is there something you’re not telling me? Are we all part of the Chosen People? Are you a…Lost Tribe?
    (Congratulations to the whole family!)

  2. Anonymous


    Congratulations for the newborn!!
    I wish you all the best!!
    Lots of kisses from Spain,


    • admin

      I had, actually, but thanks for reminding me — I’ve posted a link to it here!