my bio bluff is redeemed!

Posted on March 22, 2008

So, today was my first real hike — six miles in a state park in New Jersey. And yes, it turns out, I DO love hiking. I mean, right now both my knees hate me and I am unbelievably exhausted, but I enjoyed it so much. It was cold today, but not too much, and once we got moving, I actually had to remove some layers. The sun came out after about an hour, and although the park was obviously a bit stark this early in the spring, we spent most of our time by the river, which was very beautiful and very soothing.

I tend to under-prepare for things, but here I went in the other direction and did crazy amounts of research about every possible advisable thing I could have with me. I had a safety whistle. I am that big a dork. But it was worth it, because I was well-clothed, well-shod and sufficiently fed. The thing I was happiest about was my thermos of hot cocoa, which I got to drink beside the river while feeling very much that all was right with the world.

I will do a few things differently next time: More sunscreen (which I wore, but not enough, as my cheeks are now very pink), knee braces and maybe an ankle wrap (Why, joints? Why?) and probably more water — I had enough for the hike but found I wanted more on the way back. Also, I will go ahead and plan to have something to eat immediately post-hike, because oh, MAN, was I starving. Actually, I’m still starving. Must scrounge up some late-night repast.

Anyway, this was my first real hike but not my last. So my bio on my site is finally telling the truth: I do enjoy hiking.

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  1. hhw

    sounds great! which park, and was this a group outing? thermos of hot chocolate sounds wonderful. I recommend hiking with & co. because they bring a teeny stove and a kettle for making hot tea on the trail.

    I’m trying to move beyond “I wish I went hiking more often” to, you know, actually hiking more often. I went out today, though it was a leisurely 2-mile walk. But it was in a park, and not one of my usual haunts. I should make a plan for next weekend.

    • admin

      It was a group outing with a hiking club, in the wonderfully named Hacklebarney State Park in New Jersey. It was fabulous. 😀