looking up from the depths of revision just to say —

Posted on December 29, 2006

— that writing a sexy scene you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, will in fact be read by your parents?


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    • admin

      I’m hoping that they won’t actually read the whole book. I mean, they might not, right? They’re the only two readers that I don’t want to finish it.

      • rj_anderson

        And yet they have so many good and noble reasons to plow through even if they don’t like it… I still can’t believe my father read the drecktastic 135,000 word epic fantasy novel I wrote when I was nineteen. And then commented, in a somewhat baffled fashion, “Er… it’s a bit bloody, isn’t it?” (Piles of murdered unicorns. I kid you not.)

        Nice icon, by the way.

  1. hhw

    maybe you could use lulu.com or another POD service to create a Very Special Edition just for them? In fact, I believe someone needs to start a business for this exact purpose, saving authors everywhere from the horror of their parents reading things they should never ever see.

  2. muzivitch

    This is precisely why I look at my seldom updated ficblog and pray that my mother never gets bored enough to see what all is on my domain.