Last-minute holiday shopping means last-minute chance to win WINTERSPELL!

Posted on December 15, 2014

So, if you’re like me, you began this holiday shopping season with good intentions. You knew who you’d buy for, what you’d get them, and even picked up the first few things … and now OMG WTF it’s ten days to Christmas??!?!?!?? ALSO if you’re like me, you have not been able to wait to get your paws on one of the hottest books out right now, WINTERSPELL by Claire Legrand, a retelling of the Nutcracker story featuring fairies who are anything but sugar-plum sweet. Well, I can solve both those problems for you! How, you ask? 


If you buy someone in your life a copy of A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU for Christmas or any other holiday before January 1 of this year, and you let me know about it, you will be entered to win! ONE grand-prize winner will get a hardcover copy of WINTERSPELL, a super-sekrit-surprise gift bag of TEN of the best books to come out during the past year and change, and some ATPOY swag! There will also be a runner-up, who will fulfill the grand-prize winner’s contractual obligations if she is unable to serve as the reigning Miss Winterspell Contest; this runner-up still gets the hardcover copy of WINTERSPELL and the ATPOY swag. Not bad, right?

So here’s how you enter:

1) Purchase A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU for someone in your life! (And yes, it counts if you buy it for yourself.)

2) Tweet at me (@claudiagray) a pic of your proof of purchase, along with the hashtag #ATPOYxmas.* If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can post a link to your proof of purchase here in the comments!

3) Want to improve your chances? You can either (a) buy multiple copies of the book, and show me an entry for each one, or perhaps more realistically (not to mention more fiscally sound), (b) tweet or comment with a link to a photo of someone opening their copy of A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU. 😀

4) Do this by January 1,, 2015, when I will pick the two lucky winners! The later deadline allows some of you to spend the gift cards for bookstores you might be getting from Santa, or to exchange gifts for other holidays you might celebrate this season.

It’s that simple! Please spread the word, guys.


Also, I just wanted to say a huge, huge thanks to every one of you who has left a kind review for ATPOY on Amazon, GoodReads, etc. It means the world to me that so many of you care passionately about this book. Please keep telling everyone you ever met! (And is there fanfic out there yet? I really wanted there to be fanfic.) I am tremendously grateful to you all.


* Before anyone gets upset, the “X” in Xmas literally stands for Christ — the old Greek letter Chi, or X, was used as a symbol of Christ back in the day. On Twitter, shorter is always better, so there we go! 

3 Responses to “Last-minute holiday shopping means last-minute chance to win WINTERSPELL!”

    • claudia

      You were one of the winners, actually! Check your Twitter in=box!

  1. jello dela cruz

    Hi Ms. Claudia Gray, who are the winners in your #ATPOYxmas contest? 🙂