just went to a personal trainer for the first time

Posted on March 18, 2008


Send help.


18 Responses to “just went to a personal trainer for the first time”

  1. delordra

    See, this is why I’m afraid to go to a personal trainer until I’m actually somewhat in shape. Which kind of defeats the purpose.


    • shayheyred

      No, no, don’t let it daunt you. A good trainer will work just beyond your comfort zone, but not leave you hurt or damanged.

  2. shayheyred

    Yahahahahahahahaha! You’ve come to the dark (painful, ouchy, bruised, exhausted) side!

    Where’d you find the trainer? Are you a gym member?

    • admin

      Yes, it was somebody from my gym. I don’t think I can afford the cost/time to go as a regular thing, but I am leaning toward signing up for about three months, with the understanding that the last month would be very targeted toward getting me ready to work on my own.

      Your side is indeed an ouchy side.

  3. sunshine_queen

    The only time I went to see a personal trainer he told me I was obscenely overweight. Which I absolutely wasn’t, and I actually knew that, but to be told that was so mortifying I never saw him again.

    But having someone to motivate you to work out is awesome, so keep it up!

    • admin

      What an ASS that guy was! I’ve seen your pictures! You are not even in the same hemisphere as — as ANY overweight, much less “obscenely.”

      Let us send Jack Bristow to kick that guy’s hiney.

    • admin

      The good kind of pain, definitely. Though I would really like to be able to go down stairs without staggering a la Redd Foxx in “Sanford and Son” again.