It’s time for STARGAZER Contest #3!

Posted on February 24, 2009

First of all, the big winners of the STARGAZER ARC are Marcy, Amiee, Ingrid and Audra! That’s right, there are four winners — I finally got my ARCs and advance copies in, so I upped the prize count. (If you have a review blog and want to request a copy, now is the time to strike; I’m going to go through my e-mail and try to find everybody who has asked, but I could very well miss some people, so if you want to be sure, e-mail me at evernightclaudia at gmail dot com and request again.) Now there are plenty of friends and groups on Facebook, which is excellent news.

Now comes Contest #3. I hope you guys like this one, because I do.

Lucas has both his virtues and his flaws as a boyfriend, but there’s one thing the guy definitely understands — it’s hard to go wrong with a gift of jewelry. So this week I want you to tell me: What would be the most romantic gift you can imagine receiving?

One lucky winner chosen at random will get this:

Isn’t it beautiful? Take a look at it from another angle.

I went looking for a brooch like Bianca’s and couldn’t find one that was exactly right, but to me, this bracelet captures a lot of the romantic, Gothic look and feel of that brooch. It’s the work of the awesome EDM Designs on Etsy, who has all this other great stuff I might buy — but this bracelet is my absolute favorite. It would look great with Goth or steampunk clothes, if that’s your thing; if not, the bracelet would be beautiful with just jeans and a sweater. It should fit most wrists; I tried it on myself when it arrived, realized that it was the most beautiful bracelet in the history of ever, and also realized that I was going to have to give the bracelet away ASAP lest I end up keeping it for myself.

You may be saying, “Claudia, I defy your usual demographics, for I am a boy person. This is not fashion-forward for the average male. What am I to do?” I say, take a page from Lucas’ book and give this as a gift to the lady you’d most like to impress.

Spreading the contest entries across platforms isn’t really working any longer; in order to be fair to everyone, there’s going to be only one way to enter: E-mail me at evernightclaudia at gmail dot com, tell me what is the most romantic gift you can imagine, use the subject line “STARGAZER Contest #3” and include an address where I can mail your bracelet. If you would like to share your ideas here, that’s fine too, but only the e-mailed entries count for the contest. Good luck, and I hope you like!

Last but not least, those hoping to break into writing YA would do well not to follow T-Rex’s plan in Dinosaur Comics.

8 Responses to “It’s time for STARGAZER Contest #3!”

  1. Anonymous


    Is the email that you said counts the one on your contact Claudia page or do we have to go to another website?????? And when are you picking the winners????

    Your favorite reader!!!!!!!!!
    Hannah!!!! 🙂

    • admin

      Re: ?????

      You don’t have to use the Contact Claudia page — in fact, it might be better if you didn’t, because then you can determine your own subject line. Just use whatever e-mail you’ve got and send it to evernightclaudia at gmail dot com. I’ll pick the winner one week from today. 🙂