It’s release day!

Posted on May 27, 2008

Today, Evernight finally hits bookstores! (Though I have heard from a couple of folks who got theirs early.) Woohoo!

I have plenty to post about (especially the fun that was had at Balticon this weekend), but for today, I just want to celebrate the book’s release and thank all of you who have given such terrific support along the way.

Tonight I am going to visit a bookstore and (hopefully) see it on the shelves for the first time —

58 Responses to “It’s release day!”

  1. kaz_mahoney

    Yay! Congrats on your big day! I hope your book goes out into the world and makes you proud. πŸ™‚

  2. marag

    Hooray! Excellent timing, as my mother gave me a B&N giftcard. Now I know one thing to use it on πŸ™‚

  3. lab08

    Sweet Deal!

    That’s so exciting. Congrats!!! Have fun seeing it on the bookstore shelves. I’m excited to get the book…I need to make my way to the store sometime soon. πŸ™‚


  4. bachsoprano

    How very exciting for you!

    I got a note yesterday that my copy is in the mail – I’m looking forward to its arrival!

  5. norwich36

    Congratulations! I just got the notification from Amazon this morning that my copy had shipped, and I’m looking forward to it.

  6. ecmyers

    Congratulations! If you will be doing any readings in or around NYC, let me know and I’ll post the details on GothamLit, a listserv of speculative fiction events in the city.

  7. firiel44

    Hooray! The bookstore is holding a copy for me and I’m itchy for the weekend so I can go get it.

  8. corinna_5


    I hope that means my copy will be on my desk from Amazon tomorrow!

    And, cryptically, I heard from Chuck and we are on for the thing we discussed. I’m going to Canada in between though.

  9. Anonymous

    Kindle Edition?

    I’m an Amazon Kindle owner and I have been waiting for several months for this book’s release date. However, I see that it’s not available via Kindle Edition.
    Can you ask your publisher to look into this?

    I REALLY want to read your book so I’m really hoping to see it for the Kindle soon!

    I’ll keep looking for it via Kindle!
    Good luck with your release!

  10. dianafox

    I went and visited it at B & N (end position on the new YA table), and held it in my hands and then had to call my mom because I had to call and tell someone–which made me feel a little silly, but happy!

  11. Anonymous

    Congrats on your release day yesterday! I bet you were so excited! I hope you got to see it at a book store. I’m so annoyed because Borders doesn’t have it yet, and I really want to buy it!


  12. taraljc

    Mine just arrived at the office, and it’s tucked away in my bag, waiting for me to get home tonight. I keep stroking the jacket, because it is nifty-keen.

  13. maprilynne

    Got it yesterday! The book jacket is so much prettier in real life than on your icon. (And the icon is still gorgeous!) Can’t wait to dive into it! Oh and I am so jealous of the gorgeous font they wrote your title in! Beautiful!!


  14. danne_cole

    Evernight by accident

    I took my niece to the bookstore for the first time (she’s 3) and as we were walking toward the childrens books I saw a stand with your book on it and it just caught my eye. I bought and am looking forward to reading it. Congrats on your release! πŸ™‚