Interview link, plus Kindle edition news

Posted on June 20, 2008

That interview I mentioned with And Another Book Read is posted now — check it out! This is one of the first that gets into what happens in Stargazer, though only a little bit.

Speaking of Stargazer, I know a few of you have been asking about when/if there will be Kindle editions of the books. My editor has told me that, around the end of this year, HarperTeen is moving toward making all of their new releases available for the Kindle — so Stargazer will definitely have a Kindle edition. Right now we don’t know whether they will be creating a Kindle version Evernight as well, but as soon as I find out, I’ll let you guys know.

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  1. svilleficrecs

    Nice! 🙂

    Quick question and – hey – since I have access to the author, I might as well ask her, I thought.

    I’ve got a niece who’s just about to turn thirteen, and I’m trying to figure out if she’s in the right age group for Evernight. It struck me as pretty steamy for a YA (which for me is a very good thing) but I’m not how much of that is me bringing adult sensibilities to it, and how much is the book itself. Her mom is pretty laid back about stuff like that (heck, she let the 15 year old watch the CBS version of Dexter) and when I think back, I remember reading, like, Valley of the Horses at age 12-13, but I’m waffling. I think she’d enjoy it, but I’m lousy at judging stuff like this w/ this age group.

    What’s your take on the age range for the book?

  2. dhfreak

    I just had to drop by and say that I finally got my copy of Evernight. Wasn’t easy but I did it. I can’t wait to start reading it.

  3. majajitwilight

    Hi Claudia! It’s great to meet you! I just picked up your book at Borders yesterday because it looked very interesting and I LOVED it! absoultly wonderful! I decided to look you up and found that you have LJ! I *squeed* :D. I wanted to introduce myself! My name is Kim and i’m a senior at Portland State U and I wanted say that I’m looking forward very much to reading Stargazer! Keep up the wonderful work!

  4. duckyduncan66

    Let’s connect soon!

    Hi Claudia!
    Evernight is a huge success here in San Diego. We held a fundraiser at Barnes and Noble and my students were recommending Evernight to the customers. All of the copies sold out! 😉

    Are the ARCs available for Stargazer? My students will be reading over the summer, and we would love to have Stargazer. Let me know! I can also send you some of the Evernight Recommended Reads if you are interested. We had the ARCs, so Jared is the main character. Did that get changed in final publishing? 😉

    Have a great summer!
    Beth Duncan

  5. the_third_day

    I was at B&N the other day looking for a book that I just had to have. I walked by a book with a cover the screamed “READ ME NOW!!” So I picked it up and sat down not sure if I was going to by it b/c well I had never heard of it before. After the first paragraph I was hooked! I walked up to the register, bought it, and read it in a day!!!
    Evernight is AMAZING!!!! I completely thought Lucus was a Vampire and Bianca was a human. Then BAM! Hello! I got it wrong! Great writing. Can’t wait till Stargazer comes out!