Immortal — it exists!

Posted on August 26, 2008

The Borders online store still seems to be convinced that Immortal: Love Stories With Bite doesn’t actually exist — but you might be able to find this in stores now. How do I know? I just got my copies in the mail! Yes, it’s a real book at last. I’ll update with another link if and when I can, and I think I’m going to hold a contest for a couple of copies, because obviously this is pretty hard to get. Anyway, I just wanted to keep you guys updated. Any contest announcements will come after Labor Day. Nobody can think the last week of August. It’s a rule.

We have confirmed one more date for the book tour this October, but I still can’t announce anything until all the dates are final. Stay tuned!

Had a fun hike this weekend, despite the fact that I fell rather spectacularly as we were going down a steep hill. My butt is now bruised in a hundred shades of Technicolor, and I am considering buying a pair of hiking poles, but I still had a great time. By the next hike, I’ll have a working digital camera again, so the hike pics will return.

And by the way, I don’t know if you all saw it in comments, but if you’d like to read the Juvenil Romantica interview in English, you can do so here. Thanks for posting, Eira!

14 Responses to “Immortal — it exists!”

  1. sunshine_queen

    A couple of years ago I did a hike in NY with my family and we went up to see the remnants of this old hotel that burned down so only some stone walls and staircases remained. They were pretty sturdy, so you could climb up the stairs and walk on ledges and look out what used to be windows and stuff- pretty cool. Very cool, in fact, until I was walking down the stairs, one of the stairs crumbled, and I wound up bouncing down the rest of the stairs on my butt, bruising the heck out of it and scraping my back up.

    (That was a very long-winded way of saying I feel your pain, and hope you feel better soon!)

  2. rmdedmon

    That’s exciting about the book. 🙂 I plan on getting it the first of September when I have money. I tried winning a copy signed by PC Cast but I don’t think I won.

  3. Anonymous

    New Book

    Great interview on Juvenil Romantica! I’m anxious to find Immortal: Love Stories With Bite – I’m off the surf the web!

  4. duckyduncan66

    Crossing our fingers for a tour date in San Diego, CA!

    Hi Claudia,
    I can’t wait for a list of your tour dates. I would love to bring a group of students to meet you! Let us know ASAP! Hope the bruises heal soon! At least it’s September and past swimsuit season! lol!

    Beth Duncan
    Recommended Read program, San Diego, CA