Immortal contest winners announced!

Posted on September 22, 2008

Sorry I’m posting this later today, guys — I had a big project to work on this morning, but I’ve finally got a couple of seconds to announce that the winners of the Immortal anthology giveaway are: Amy K., Lauren T. and the enigmatic speed reader! Congratulations, guys! I will be e-mailing all of you today to find out where to send your signed copies.

Thanks to absolutely everyone who entered. Seeing which Evernight lines were your favorites taught me a lot — plus, it was a lot of fun.

Still no word on Fearless Leader after yesterday’s hiking drama; I hope our club will receive an e-mail update before too much longer.

6 Responses to “Immortal contest winners announced!”

  1. Anonymous


    I am Speed Reader’s co-author for our blog about authors and I am so thrilled she is getting a book for us to read and review! Thank you so much! We look forward to reading more from you in the future, and possibly even posting some q&a stuff with you for all your fans! Thanks for picking Speedy (as I affectionately refer to her!) you could not have given your gift to a more worthy reader!

  2. Anonymous


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