I really, really want to know the story behind this one

Posted on August 9, 2007

Misunderstanding of the concept of communion?

Exorcism gone horribly wrong?

Mistaken for Easter cookie?

“Crucifix In Throat Removed Without Knife.”

Apparently the writer considered the knife-free aspect to be the oddest part of this story.

10 Responses to “I really, really want to know the story behind this one”

  1. wedschilde

    well some of us catholics (ex for me… well not so much ex as wandered away) put the crucifix piece of the rosary on the tongue while saying the rosary. it’s supposed to be pressed up against the roof of your mouth and serves as the stopping/starting point for the stations.

      • admin

        I’m Catholic too, but that’s honestly the first I ever heard of this. Huh. Apparently my grandparents were not as devout as I thought.

        Also, to me, that looks larger than a rosary cross, although I suppose it depends on the rosary. Hmm.

        • wedschilde

          i’m thinking s/he just wanted to prove they were HARDCORE catholics! like snake handling 😀

          really? ah, the portuguese do it all the time. usually for the mysteries. maybe they were reciting the luminious or glorious?

          perhaps it’s a regional/cultural thing.

          of course… i could just belong to a cultural group that likes sticking things into its mouth ::::nods:::