HOURGLASS Contest #5! — plus, blog tour info!

Posted on March 2, 2010

First of all, this fourth contest was amazing; you guys sent me SO MANY incredible songs that I still haven’t been able to listen to them all yet! But I’m really enjoying what I’m hearing and expect to put a lot of these on the Balthazar and SPELLCASTER soundtracks. Ten winners were chosen at random, so congratulations to Jean B., Erin C., Jennifer D., Kirsten B., Lori G., Petra I., Kamie N., Angela L., Andrea N. and Sarah K.! I’ve emailed them all to let them know their Klimt posters will shortly be in the mail.

(As will the star lanterns from last week — as those of you who follow me on Twitter know, a few days ago some evildoers duped my debit card, and my accounts had to be protectively frozen up for a couple days there. VERY annoying. Fie on you, evildoers. But now the money flows freely again, and star lanterns will soon find their way to the winners of Contest 4.)

But now it’s time for HOURGLASS Contest #5— with the winner to be announced on U.S. release day, one week from today! The prize is a bit literal, but if you ask me it would look incredibly cool in just about any room: the grand prize is a real true hourglass. No image to share, but you can take a look here. Two runners-up will receive smaller, three-minute, metal hourglass timers, which might not render your room as instantly incredibly cool as a full hourglass would, but will significantly snazzy up any future games of Boggle.

How do you enter? Just do this: Tell me what you think will happen in HOURGLASS!

I want to hear your wishes, theories, predictions — you name it. Be serious, be funny, anything! And I’d like your permission to quote some of the best answers (for varied values of “best,” which might or might not mean “most accurate”), if that’s okay with you.

(And if you’re from Australia or got an ARC, and thus think this contest is a snap for you — well, from you guys, I want to hear what you’re looking for in AFTERLIFE. No easy out here!)

The rules:

1) Send an email to evernightclaudia at gmail dot com with the subject line “HOURGLASS Contest #5” before Tuesday, March 9 (release day!).
2) Tell me what you think will happen in HOURGLASS (or AFTERLIFE, if that’s your category).
3) Also tell me the address where I should send your hourglass.

I will ship anywhere, so no worries on that score. Thanks to everyone for taking part in these contests; I hope you’re having as much fun with them as I am.


Also, as some of you will have already seen, we’ve begun the HOURGLASS blog tour, a series of interviews running on various teen reader blogs from March 1 up to release eve. You can check out the full roster here —

March 1 – http://tainted-poet.blogspot.com/
March 2 – http://www.melissas-bookshelf.com/
March 3 – http://themindfulmusingsbookblog.blogspot.com/
March 4 – http://www.theneverendingshelf.com/
March 5 – http://www.thestorysiren.com/
March 6 – http://thebookcellarx.blogspot.com/
March 7 – http://confessionsofawanderingheart.blogspot.com/
March 8 – http://aparkavenueprincess.blogspot.com/

Check out these awesome blogs, and you’ll get to read my answers about how I write, what I think of various characters and even a few spoilers for AFTERLIFE and Balthazar’s book. Hope you enjoy!

10 Responses to “HOURGLASS Contest #5! — plus, blog tour info!”

  1. Anonymous


    Umm, Claudia, on wednesday’s(todays) blog interview you did the website gives the first 5 chapters of Hourglass online. Did you know about this? Just trying to let you know.

  2. Anonymous


    Hello I’m from spain and I want to know when the book Hourglass will be in stores here. I can’t wait to read the book! Thanks for your help!

    • Anonymous

      Re: Help!

      Um, in april of 2009, claudia posted a blog post saying that stargazer was coming to spain but also said that the publisher in spain had not bought hourglass and afterlife so I dont know if it was ever sold to spain but it may have been so check a bookstores website maybe? sorry, hope this helped a bit!

  3. Anonymous

    my sister went to Walmart today and she told me she saw Hourglass there. (of course she got it :D) im definetly going tomorro and chek my walmart. 😀 hopefully they have it.