HOURGLASS Contest #1!

Posted on February 2, 2010

Yes, it’s that time of year again! We’re at five weeks (whoa!) until the release of HOURGLASS. Finally, at last, I have a few copies in my hot little hands … and I am giving away FIVE signed copies (early!) to winners who will be chosen at random from those who answer this question:

Which character in the EVERNIGHT series is your favorite, and why?

(And yes, I will pick the winners at random, so there is no wrong answer.)

To enter, send an email to evernightclaudia at gmail dot com, with the subject line “HOURGLASS Contest #1.” I’ll pick the winner on Feb. 9, which I believe is also the release date for the STARGAZER paperback! You’ll get your copies at least a few weeks before the book is available in stores.

More info and more contests to come; now that I am finally recovering from a very nasty illness, I am going to be able to invest some imagination into these — and the prizes — hmmm —

36 Responses to “HOURGLASS Contest #1!”

  1. Anonymous

    Fave Evernight Character

    hmmmm… This is hard becasue I love a lot of characters. I love Bianca’s parents because they’re so retro and cool. I love Bianca because I feel everything that she is going through.

    But if I had to choose 1 character that I liked the best it would probably be Lucas because he’s just so dang hot. HAHA, that’s pretty vain, but I love reading the scenes that he is in.

    Good question though. I love this series. :]

  2. mayakda

    I sent you an email — and my favorite is Mrs. Bethany. She’s so tough-minded – I’d love to learn more about her.

    • admin

      Haven’t picked the contest winners yet, but I can tell you know, you will definitely find out more about Mrs. Bethany.

  3. Anonymous

    No doubt about it – Balthazar! He was so sweet and awesome, and hello! SUoer cute! So yeah, totally my favorite character. 🙂

  4. Anonymous


    Can I agree with everyone? I do love me some main characters though – ya just get to know them so much better! So, I’m gonna go with Bianca :).

  5. Anonymous

    Hourglass #1

    Hi Claudia,

    Balthazar is my my fave as he collaborates dashing good looks,an air of underlying depth with sensitivity reminiscent of his long lost humanity and a dash of pathos. He also has enough melancholy brooding to remain interesting and induce empathy, without entering the terrain of pain-in-the-arse-Emo-self-pitying-morosse-gitness.

    Thanks- Tam

  6. clover_heaven

    I can’t believe I missed this too … really.

    but, I must to tell. I like almost everyone in the series. not just one person, but there are interacts with them, that I really enjoy.

    Lucas – Bianca – ofcourse. so much chemistry, you just can’t resist.
    Vic – Ranulf – just hilarious together XDD

    and I just love Charity. first I thought she is an evil bitch, but somehow, I really like her… she was the first one, that I wanted to draw, like a fanart or something.