Help me name a character!

Posted on January 21, 2008

This is not for the Evernight series — it’s just an idea I have, right now, but I’m interested to see what you guys think!

She is 17 years old, a witch by birth and by training, very spirited and funny. She goes after what she wants and can be fierce about it (if bordering on unfair, at times). Her hair and eyes are both dark brown, and she’s so short that she’s often taken for being younger than she is, to her displeasure.

I can’t do polls unless I pay for this LJ (not there yet), but in comments, let me know if you prefer:

* Cecily
* Genevieve
* Gwen
* May
* Roxie
* Ruby

Got other ideas? Let me know?

39 Responses to “Help me name a character!”

  1. quiet_rebel

    I like Cecily because people can call her Cici and I can see her throwing some kind of tantrum since it’s a childish nickname. Hehe.

  2. britlitfantwin

    Cecily is the one that leaps out at me.

    And, oh my gosh, she sounds so much like an old friend of mine. Not the bordering on unfair part, or the witch part, but everything else for sure!

  3. taraljc

    I like Gwen.

    When you say witch, you mean fantasy/fairy tale witch like Samantha Stevens? Or in terms of religion, she’s pagan?

  4. tezmilleroz

    I vote Gwen.

    Oh, you can post polls on a free account… well, it’s called Plus, and the catch is they put ads on your blog.

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

  5. kerlin

    Cecily to me is a blonde girl with a sweet disposition – something out of LM Montgomery.

    I vote for May as my first choice, as in Louisa May Alcott, who in real life was often as you describe.

    Genevieve for my second choice, for which you can always use the nickname Gwen.

  6. shayheyred

    I like “Ruby” because it’s a little old fashioned, and not “cutesy” (a category I’d put “Roxie” in). I also like “May” because it looks totally wrong for her based on your description. Maybe “Maya.” “Cecily” hurts my brain, Genevieve makes me think Bell Book and Candle (though I don’t actually think that was her name) and Gwen makes me think of Torchwood.

  7. corinna_5

    I misread “May” as “Max,” so that’s what I’m voting for: Max! I know a female Max, and the temperament, if not the physical description, is bang on.

  8. ravurian

    I always seem to start my comments to you with ‘hmmm’ these days, so I’ve bucked a trend here. Can I ask when she is, please? Because that’ll have an impact.

    I’d tend to avoid Genevieve and Gwen, because, well, they’re always a Genevieve or Gwen, frankly. If your book is set in the 19th or early 20th century, I’d definitely go for Cecily, if only to subvert preconceptions of girls with that name. Earlier, and I think you’d end up with some derivative of a saint’s name (for protective camouflage, if nothing else), later and it can be whatever you want.

    I tend to think of Ruby as a 20th century name, and forever associate it with London’s East End between the wars. Mostly, I’ll admit, by virtue of aunts called Pearl, Ruby, Lily (whose real name, confusingly, was Rose), Iris and so on (I have 12 aunts on my dad’s side).

    Roxie sounds very contemporary, but rather as if you’re looking to shortcut her characterisation somewhat by giving her a name that’ll do some of the legwork.

    All in all, I’m a fan of Cecily or May. I don’t know if any of this is helpful at all! I’ll be interested to see the result…

    • bridget

      I like Jenna or Alica because they are really tough names and not girly or old fashioned.