hello from Rimini

Posted on June 19, 2010

Today I traveled from Rome to Rimini, Italy, for the Mare di Libri festival. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be on a panel (at 10 a.m.) called “More Than Vampires,” where we’ll talk about the paranormal trends in YA literature and in publishing overall. If you are in the vicinity, please come — I would love to meet some of you there!

I’m really loving Rimini so far, though this may be because I got to travel here via train, enjoying the lovely countryside. Or maybe because my hotel here HAS INTERNET, which is a luxury I will never take for granted again. Or maybe it’s because I went to dinner tonight with a lot of writers and publishing people, and it started with us all being very formal, like, “So tell me how people go to dinner in YOUR country” and ended up with us all drinking wine at midnight and discussing how freaky it is that Johnny Depp never ages or what we consider our favorite parts of the “Spider-Man” movie. Good times, people.

Tomorrow I return to Rome, so more luxurious train journeys (yay!) but not nearly enough time to explore the town (boo). Soon I hope to have more photos to share with you, but of course in order for me to do that I will need to find the blessed, lifegiving internet in Rome. But certainly I will have more stories. 🙂

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  1. Chiara

    where you in Rome? I’d love to meet you and maybe have your autograph. Please, answer me .. X