HarperTeen blog is live!

Posted on August 12, 2008

I’m this week’s blogger for the HarperTeen MySpace site — if you’d like to read my offering, you can check it out right here!

And although I now have some good questions for the interview with Bianca, I STILL need more and figure anytime during August is game. Ask away, people!

A longer trip update is coming, hopefully later today —

6 Responses to “HarperTeen blog is live!”

  1. freezing_82

    Thanks for the tip Claudia!
    I was thinking about the ‘cast’ thing just the other day when I was wandering through the two communities you suggest in your porfile..honestly? I think Chace Crawford is a really charming, beautiful guy, but definitely NOT the Lucas I was picturing in my head when I was reading. Actually the whole actors/character thing just popped-up into my mind a few days later I finished the book.

    Oh, btw..it’s so cool you keep in touch with us. Thanks so much for responding to my e-mail so fast! *_*

  2. Anonymous


    Hi, Amy!

    It’s Tim from Ole Miss. I heard about your publishing deal and just wanted to say congrats.


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